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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post

That looks like something I was coughing up last week.

must have been a delicious week for you!!

great news, jarude. well done.
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Good for you Rudolph. You just made someone's holiday.
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

Found the dog's family. smile.gif We'd been calling her Lily, turns out her real name is Lucy. She managed to trek more than 8 km through several very busy roads and intersections.. lucky dog. She belongs to a family with young kids and they are overjoyed to have their dog back smile.gif

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

oh, this is also happening.

Way to sneak a few in at the last minute.
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Originally Posted by ama View Post

Way to sneak a few in at the last minute.

EXACTLY!!!! smile.gif
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Yeah, got a little of my Christmas shopping done today. A little. Got to scoop up a few more things here and there, but I've at least got something for just about everyone.
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Oh, yeah: I just picked up a couple of new BB OCBDs and Harvey was right: they are quite good. Much better than the last ones I had some 15-odd years ago.
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Oh, and I'm probably going to be spending a few posts inserting random McRib factoids into random conversations.
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I'm doing my end-of-the-year lists (favorite albums/songs/EPs/etc) for various publications/blogs/newspapers and I'm so happy about this.
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I'm happy my wife took care of a lot of the christmas gift stuff the past few weeks. I've been trying to avoid going to the mall and I think I'm gonna succeed this season. also happy that friday's my last working day for the year. and the next week or so include vacations, meeting up with friends who are in town, long trail rides and lots and lots of beer. hooray for the holidays!
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I only deal with my Dad's one..

He only loves his wine,Duke confit and Foie gras...

Just had tpo pay online hamper and that's it..

The wife is doing the rest..
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i think i look hella good today. smile.gif
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Early morning track session in cold weather, things really weren't going my way last night or this morning, but I surprised myself at the end with two of the fastest 400m's I've ever run - one right after the next. After the past week, this is a welcome surprise.

I have to say that my favorite running memories involve cold, pre-dawn mornings. Sometimes rain. Not sure why.
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At the start of this year I was working on two huge projects. One had to do with the organization's debt structure. That did not work out but a different approach will be tried in about 18 months. The other had to do with a strategic partnership and a significant expansion of my service footprint. That one is now fully financed and in the early but concrete planning process. This should really "move the needle" to the tune of about 20% more revenues in 2014 vs. baseline. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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make that money, boi
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