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My Grenson is fading.

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I have Grenson Stowe in conac (spell). I am currently using neutral color shoe cream to polish. I noticed that the color is fading, especially the dark part. If I use dark brown shoe cream to polish the shoes, what kind of effect will it have to the shoes? I have read color conversion written by montecristo, I do not want my shoes to be that dark. All I want is prevent it from fading its natural color.
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Why not get either a Kiwi Tan or Middle Tan or a meltonian Cognac shoe cream? I think either would do a good job (I would use both).
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You might try the Meltonian cognac cream as suggested. I think a brown wax polish, perhaps one to the lighter side might be a wise choice. That will help maintain some brown without overly darkening. Of course, over time brown leather will darken naturally with polishing.
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color is fading,
Fading? Is the finish flaking? How old are they?
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This might be a job for a top-notch shoe shine service or cobbler. Ask around in the Toronto equivalent of Wall Street. Some captain of industry should be able to recommend a qualified professional. (Going to be in Frisco? There's a great one in the Russ Building, with branches elsewhere in the Montgomery Street vicinity.)
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