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favorite sports uniform

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Okay, the Yankees lost to the Red Sox. Finally. All good things must come to a end. But, I still say that the Yankees have the most sartorially stylish uniform in all of sports with their pinstripes. Let's face it, the Boston Red Sox uniform is just horrible looking with the red socks, white pants, and black shoe. Don't they know that the socks are supposed to match the color of the pants, to create a unbroken line?
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Yep, Yankees have the better unis, Red Sox have the better team. I know which one I'd take.
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University of Michigan football uniforms. Love those helmets.
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Yep, Yankees have the better unis, Red Sox have the better team. I know which one I'd take.
Nice. I'd say more along the lines of: You're right, you *do* have a nicer bed. But I've got a girl coming over tonight. Mind if we trade? It doesn't seem like you're going to need that Sealy after all.
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christian, I understand that your entire worldview has been shattered by the events of the last week and a half, but your posts seem to be ranging quite far afield in their attempt to prove Yankee superiority.  What's next, Yankee Stadium serves better nachos than Fenway Park?  Just accept the fact that the better team won and wait till next year.
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From what I hear, Fenway Park only still stands because of the mystique surrounding it, not because it's a good park. Seats are too small...sight lines...etc. At any rate, I agree with Christian, the Yankees have the best uniforms. This is coming from a Mets fan so I do mean it.
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If we are talking best uniforms - i would have to say that it goes to the Penn State Nittany Lions. Very Very Classic - look with the dark blue and white; has not changed since the start of the program - truly clasic.
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I'm partial to the Wisconsin Badgers' Unis.
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Ambulance Chaser, I don't deny that Boston had a better pitching staff this year. If I wanted to argue about sports, I would have posted this in the area for sports and entertainment. Even if I wasn't a Yankees fan, I still think they have the best looking uniform. Tell me what uniform you think is better looking than the pinstripes.
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I always liked the White Sox uniform. It looks like the Yankees, but I think their logo is better. It's more balanced, spacially. I always thought it was interesting how baseball uniforms generally have longer sleeves (down to elbow) and shoulder seams falling off the side of their arms. It's been like that forever, practically.
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Then there's Detriot Tigers. I love the gothic design of their logo as well.
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No votes for Anna Kournikova yet?
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My favorite sports uniform was the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders, c. 1985. Yea baby.
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