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Originally Posted by juhan View Post

its pretty simple if you ask me. most people size 2 down for WG. for chino, just size one down for still a slim fit and for more comfort. thats what im gonna do if im gonna get a chino of n&f .

Ya I second this.  I'm a 28 in WG, the WG chino in 28 was perfect everywhere but the waist, a 29 would have been perfect. So ya go up one size from your normal WG size because they don't stretch.

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I own a pair of N&F skinny guys in 33. They have stretch fabric so haven't changed size, and I've since decided that the thighs are too tight, the rise far too low and that I'd like a bit of taper in the calves.

APC Petit Standard seems like the right move, can anyone with experience of the PS and skinny guy cuts comment if the PS has a higher rise?

Also I've not been able to find any, but worth asking - does anyone have fit pics of just sizing down one on the PS? I'm not really interested in not being able to do up the top button for a month or whatever.
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PS has a lower rise and a sharper taper. It's almost like the wierd guy but with less room in the top block and quads.

I'm pretty sure aeglus went down 1 or tts on his ps's

What type of skinny guy? Black power stretch?
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Nah just the indigo power stretch, would actually be ideal if it weren't for the aforementioned issues, because you can buy without worrying about the fit changing.

Ah ok cheers! Taper ticks one of the boxes but I really do need something with a higher rise - the rise on my SGs is literally only about 6 inches. I guess the WG might be worth a go, but I can't see it working because I'd have to get a waist size that was much too small in order to get a slimmer fit everywhere else.
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1 year no wash
3 machine washes
1 hand wash
lake soaked
ocean soaked

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I disagree. My chinos stretched a decent amount. I would go your normal WG size
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Originally Posted by CPaul View Post

I disagree. My chinos stretched a decent amount. I would go your normal WG size

did you wash the chino's regularly or did you treat them like denim?

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I have yet to wash them
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Are Weird Guys and Slim Guys sized exactly the same, or are Weird Guys slightly smaller? The reason I ask is because I have a pair of Slims Guys that are slightly too big (~3/4" in the waist) and I'm wondering if I should size down one for WGs or stick with the same size.

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these are amazing! I want a pair so bad...

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Is Tate & Yoko the only place to purchase WG Highs?
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Check out gilt. They have a few pairs of the high in nep. On super sale. Just google gilt naked famous.
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Thanks Scouser! Hmm, debating on them since I wanted to try on a pair in person.
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For anyone interested in some info and new photos of the Kamikaze Attack collabos...

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any have serious wear on their big johns? i've been wearing mine more and more lately and I've got some evo coming in, but nothing worth posting.
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