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Originally Posted by jcashen87 View Post

i just got 5 pairs hemmed at my local chain stitch specialty store (SELF EDGE SF) and two pairs from Jay @ blue owl. Jay hooked up the japan heritage and the Left Hand Twill in weird guy. My girl has been taking the denim thats been hemmed off and wearing it in with her hands for the LHT and they got soooo SOFT. LHT and Japan Heritage are my favorite so far. LHT is a fraction larger in waist than other weird guys, Jay describes this on Blue Owl so note that if you end up buying a pair. The Japan Heritage is just awesome, the texture, the color everything, i dont like extra heavy denim(im in California could only wear it 2-3months a year) BUT the LHT and Japan heritage are both like 14 oz a little heavier than standard 12 oz and they seem real durable. I can work in them so im going to post fit pics of LHT soon with some wear.

Also i had Slim Guys: Broken Twill & Nep Selvedge hemmed at Self edge. Broken twill is my favorite.
And Weird Guys i had done @ Self edge were the Weird Guy Organics(awesome pair great color and vertical texture). The weird guys regular indigo's(good standard pair) and weird guy lightweight selvedge 10oz perfect pair for california in october when its still warm.

Oh forgot i got the weird guy linen blend(didnt hem) they're so soft they stack up nice and look fine without the hem. Thos are 8oz and are great for warmer times in california too, and also they are softer than sweatpants, Brandon emailed me before i bought them( i was asking him questions through email) and said he envisioned them for a lounge luxury jean, i couldnt agree more. Def not a pair to break in, but a great pair none the less.
I got really good deals on all the denim and i wanted to make a purchase of a lot of pairs so i dont have to get denim for a couple years and i just retired a lot of old denim. But have only had one pair of raws before this but i really like N&F weird guy cut and for the price you cant beat it.

Don't get me wrong, I love the business model of N&F, really like the company and the guys who run it. I also like the retailers who sell it around here so I'm in no way trying to shit up this thread - at the same time there is so much great denim out there - I can't understand why you'd need seven pairs of N&F. N&F does some really cool stuff, some stuff i'd never wear but respect nonetheless (glow in the dark for example) - they fill that niche well. They also do great collaborations (can't wait for the Oni). Further, they do great jeans at a great price point (filling out the APC niche in a better way, IMO). But once you buy 7 pairs (which must have cost at least $700 - has to have been more) I can't see why you didn't just buy a couple killer pairs of jeans even at full retail from SelfEdge, BiG, or whatever. It takes 6 months worn every day to really break in and fade a single pair of jeans in a great way. I've seen someone else in this thread with like 12 pairs - to each his own - I guess you can get in to a collector mentality with this stuff at a good price point.

I've got three pairs of denim in rotation right now (one of which is N&F X Momo) and even that is too much to really dedicate to each pair.
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^^^^It is a lot of pairs, 3 were a gift to me and a got several others, but im actually not too crazy about a lot of the stuff at Self Edge SF right now, tons of Nudies(no thanks) only maybe the 3 sixteens and Flat Heads but i got 3 pairs for what i could get one pair of flat heads for. And i just figured i could get a lot now and rotate them for years. Money is not such a huge issue right now either for the first time, but in hindsight i do think that i could of done without 2-3 pairs that i got but whatever. I like them so i will wear them.
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Well, I tried to make a post here earlier doing a little review of the Japan Heritage weird guys that I picked up from Jay, but it the post wouldn't go through for whatever reason.  So heres another attempt:


To start, here's how the size 30 fits me, pretty freshly after a soak (dry of course, but not fully stretched out yet).  Pretty interested in the LHT and maybe the NFxMomo2, which case I think I'll grab them in skinny guy


Japan Heritage WGJapan Heritage WG2


And here are some detail shots of the denim and such:


Japan Heritage WG3

Japan Heritage WG4Japan Heritage WG5


And a closeup of the super rough, slubby denim:

Closeup Japan Heritage WG Denim


Anyways, a really nice pair of jeans.  I just wish N&F could get their construction details down a little better.  There were loose threads everywhere...had to go through with a pair of scissors and do some trimming.  I guess you get what you pay for.  I have some Japan Heritage Weird Guys in a size 31 for sale over on sufu, or PM here if you're interested.  Theyre once soaked for 30 minutes, otherwise, completely unworn.

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Originally Posted by jingerBRead View Post

Does anyone have the Black Power Stretch Skinny Guy??

Just got a pair and I can just get the top button with no sag. Do these stretch out a bit?

hmm mines stretched just a little.
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Originally Posted by GSafternoon View Post

I just wish N&F could get their construction details down a little better.

I'm not sure why their construction isn't up to par but they definitey leave a lot to be desired. The WG fit suits my body well, which is what keeps me coming back to N&F. I've learned to go for the collabs where the other denim company produces the jeans in its factory with its denim, machines, and quality control. That way, I get the cut I like as well as a quality pair of jeans. If I were you, I'd go for the NFxMomo over the LHT or anything produced in N&F's factory.
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^I hear ya, and definitely agree, the construction on the original NFxMomos looked pretty good, and obviously the Oni's will be spot on as well.  The LHT denim just looks so smooth and crisp, which is quite the opposite of the Japan Heritages I just picked up.  Either way, no need to jump the gun with a brand new pair on my hands...might as well wait and see what the nfxmomo2 will be about.

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my 24 oz are breaking in nicely. since Oct 2010.

i think i'm gonna take some pictures while it's still sunny here in Vancity.

what is the best lighting to use? direct sunlight?
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Originally Posted by GSafternoon View Post

Want to get a grey pair of weird guys. In apc I take size 30 how (true 32) how should I size the weird guys if I want the same fit than you do?
many thanks in advance
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I wear a size 30 in apc petite standard, and picked up a 30 in the japan heritage weird guys.  The weird guys are definitely a bit looser already.  Hope that helps.

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@ Jacob I grabbed the Grey Weird-Guys a couple weeks ago to just add another color to my mix and they seem alright. I really haven't had a chance to break them in or anything but they are fairly light on the grey scale. I wasn't too impressed with the selvedge line which is fairly shiny for whatever reason (not sure if someone could help explain). I wish I could see a photo of a pair of faded in ones to see how they turn out with some good wear. My problem is I've purchased like 10-12 pairs some really nice ones from BiG and PBJ etc.. lately and I don't have any chance to really wear them (I work like 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week) .. I guess I'm just collecting them haha.
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Originally Posted by ToledoStyle View Post

My problem is I've purchased like 10-12 pairs

Why, why, why? There is no need for so much denim at one time and you will never get all those pairs worn in at the rate you're going (~52 wears/year). I hope you have all 12+ idle pair (one wear/week is basically idle) at least hanging properly in your closet.
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Some folks just like to have a bunch of denim, and lots of cut/color/texture options. Let's not assume everyone's goal is to get crazy fades on every pair they own.
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I'm a noob here, and I havent read through this entire thread yet, but I was wondering if someone could help me out with what style I need.  Can someone very briefly explain the difference between the 3 styles?  SkinnyGuy is the skinniest, SlimGuy is slim, and WeirdGuy is regular?  I have a pair of APC petite standard and was looking to grab a pair of N&F also.



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I am also a newbie but I believe SkinnyGuy is skinny, SlimGuy is a straight leg, and WeirdGuy is tapered.
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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

I am also a newbie but I believe SkinnyGuy is skinny, SlimGuy is a straight leg, and WeirdGuy is tapered.



Is the SkinnyGuy as slim as the APC PS?

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