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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
There's something unwholesome about this site, like undressing the dude...why?
That part is awesome.
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I initially liked the idea of another affordable jean and I thought that I'd be able to get past the company name if the jeans were great. Now that I've seen the site, I must say I'm pretty disappointed. Comments: - They offer nothing out of the ordinary in terms of cut - I like the streaky denim, despite the fact that it looks ugly on their pictures on the site. - The logo selvage is really lame. - The selvage coin pocket is overkill - I like that they offer a natural indigo jean - The vintage indigo is ugly - Hardware looks very uninteresting - Leather patch looks pretty crappy on most of the jeans. They seem like they would be a good jean to get people started for cheap though. I'd love to see how they fade.
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I'm keeping an eye on the Army Denim coming in the Fall. I should check out their store when I go to Canada in a few months.
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1. Leather patch looks fugly 2. Web site sucks (pictures too small) 3. Natural Indigo looks interesting
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I saw it perhaps where Denimbar saw it, at Blue [trade show] in Jan.

I am not the most sophisticated denim guy but I liked it, esp the irregular weaves.

The proprietor said he was going to be in Blue in Green (I have not verified this). This would be their lowest priced denim, I think. He was from a Canadian clothing family connected to Bon Marche [what is this in Canada?]. He said one way he kept the price low was by avoiding all distressing. Everything was raw or one-wash.

So even if it doesn't have every one of the details you want, it's a kind of gateway drug to the heavier stuff in Japanese denim.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
There's something unwholesome about this site, like undressing the dude...why?

But the undressing the girl part...
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Just checked out the site. Reminds me of abercrombie.
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Did they get those nasty shoes from the Yoox model? Ugh.

Some of the cuts look decent so if the fabric and construction is okay it could be an all right beater pair for the price. Not loving the brand image though.
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the slim model looks like the nudie rr or ss fit but with more traditional pockets

something about the crotch looks a bit weird on all of them

i'd buy a pair, but i hate exposed selvage on coin pockets
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more information and photos of those jeans can be found here:
Stripping Off the Frills Naked & Famous is not Paris Hilton's new label. Look past the pop art naked woman graphic and you'll find something remarkable: quality Japanese denim at eyepopping price points (more on that later). The Canadian brand made its USA debut at the Blue show recently and I had a chance to meet the owner and see the goods. Brandon Svarc is quirky in an earnest-and-friendly way. The type who wouldn't shy from admitting to being a denim geek. His enthusiasm can be infectious with the right crowd. He talks excitedly about the denim he uses. The collection is tight and concise. The jeans are wearable showcases for gorgeous denim fabric. There are no funky washes, prints, embroideries, or trims (but for the leather patch). We begin by checking out the "Super-Thick Indigo Selvedge." It is Japanese-made, weighs in at 21 oz, and has a fat twill line. Next up is the "Natural Indigo Organic Selvedge" that Svarc seems particularly proud of. They are working with their mill to weave the denim with a green selvage ID. Three other notable jeans for both mens and women include the black stretch, vintage blue, and the silk denim. The "Big Slub Indigo Selvedge" is something to behold. It is so flamy/streaky as to be recognizably Japanese denim. It weighs in at 18 oz beautiful. With their basic selvage jean retailing at only $120.00 (indigo or black; 13 oz) Naked & Famous is an important player to watch. Already in place is a growing segment of the mens market ready for raw denim thanks to 1) the excessive use of the word Raw (ie G-Star) and 2) the constant reminder for consumers not to wash their jeans (ie everyone; read your care labels). Although the typical customer may not be attracted to the idea of breaking into a pair of jeans for months without washing them we also know that there is an existing customer base for this type of denim. Throw in the fact that Naked & Famous is $20 less expensive than the retail price of APC and we have a compellng reason to believe that something important is happening. The price barrier to raw, selvage, Japanese denim is being broken. Granted these jeans are made in Canada and contain no frills (hidden rivets, back buckles, suspender buttons) but they are solidly built and the fabrics alone are beautiful enough to command even higher prices.
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Denim News had a blog entry on Naked & Famous that is definitely worth reading: Edit: I'm a retard... didn't see stickonatree's post.
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The hardware is Not Japanese and Brandon wouldn't specify where it came from the patch on one is recycled paper and the rest are leather.
There is NO natural indigo but one jean is a veggie dye.
All and all would you wear this or APC?
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APC, tho it looks like they increased their prices just recently. I love my new standards.
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$140.00 for dry
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Originally Posted by Denimbar View Post
$140.00 for dry

How sure are you that it's Japanese Denim? From what I've read on this thread at $25 USD a pop for FOB, it sounds like it's Chinese or possibly Turkish.
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