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Originally Posted by Will19 View Post

Anyone knows whats the style number of elephant3? Ex:for LHT it's 012773

It's 019393, for weird guy at least. Not sure if they're different for skinny guy as I only have them in WG.

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Originally Posted by joshmv View Post

I soaked them for an hour in cold water (inside out).  The water didn't really have any blue tint, it was just yellow.  They smelled pretty strange also.


After a few hours of letting them hang in the bathroom I put them on and tried to stretch them in the hips a little. They were still wet and bleeding a lot so I took them off and hung them in front of a fan for the night.


Looking forward to seeing if there's any difference tomorrow.

So yeah this is really late, but I'm curious how this turned out for you?

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If you live in Toronto, n&f is having a warehouse sale for their jeans.
88$ a pair.
Starts tomorrow I believe and ends Friday
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Originally Posted by mister56 View Post

I have the weird guy cut and they run True To Size. I normally get 34"s, but The Big Slub was too snug.

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Post wash pics. Effective wear: 5 months.

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Heavy Weight Denim Championships
Naked And Famous Big Slub
Art Shot # 10



Am I in the shot?

Almost 5 Months, One Wash.

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Ordered my first pair of selvedge denim yesterday- Broken Twill Skinny Guys! I'm very excited for this new venture into denim!
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Fit pic of my new Naked and Famous Skinny Guys in Broken Twill. Size 30. I'm about 5' 8" or 5' 9" if anybody is looking for sizing ideas

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Heavy Weight Denim Championships
Naked And Famous Big Slub
Art Shot # 11



Does this ass make my jeans look weird?

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I got my Elephant 3s from Id recommend them. I ordered a size not suited for me and they sent a new pair before receiving the pair I already had. I haven't had that kind of service since Netflix in the early 2000s. Back then you would just tell them you sent the DVD back, and they would send a new one that day. It was amazing.

Anyway, they are great. I live in SoCal, so hot but dry air now and this heavy denim isn't too bad. They are very dark when you get them, but I can tell that the indigo will rub off fairly quickly. I rubbed a knee on the carpet and the difference in color is apparent to the naked eye, and I swabbed a food stain and a ton of indigo ran off. I've only worn them for a cumulative 2-3 weeks or so, nothing photoworthy yet. I've already gotten a positive comment on them from a coworker and a random stranger.

For sizing, the right size for mine were the same waist size as new standards, slicks(like 3-4 years ago), if that helps. The E3s are my first pair of heavy denim. It took time for them to stretch out a bit, and in the first few days they would squeak when I walked.
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if blueowl could only deliver that kind of service for bom006 instead only left with empty dreams on that one nod[1].gif
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Japan Heritage. A little bit more than 8 months in.

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Texture on the JH's is great.
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Anybody got any details on the Wax Coated for SS14 that Blue Owl teased on Facebook today? WG, SG or both & release date?

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Bought these basically NWOT Weird Guys from a dude on reddit. Confused about what they are exactly. Tag says "Hank Dyed selvedge" which would make them these but they're not signed on the inside so I'm not sure. Maybe they did another run? Maybe this is some sample or something? Everything else about them seems to be consistent with this guy's sale a few years ago. They're pretty awesome. I took some pictures.











If anyone knows anything about these I'd love to learn about them. Thanks! 

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