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Originally Posted by jaychiz View Post
what's your build and what size did you get?
5'9", 165 lbs, 32" true waist, 30" inseam. Most of that weight is in the upper body. My lower body is between a slim and medium build (I think last time I measured my thighs were ~21"). I am wearing a tagged 31
Originally Posted by Theory View Post
Man the hip flares on those is rough.. How is the fit in the waist? Looks like they could use moar saaaaag.
The waist fitted comfortably from the start. I didn't measure them new, but I believe they're around 32". I just measured them at 33". I normally do sag them (unlike the photo) a little although there isn't much room since these have a pretty low rise.

The fit in the top block is a little loose, particularly in the back. It's like my thighs/ass aren't big enough to fill them out so the excess material bunches up and bulges out. I've been wearing these for a few days now and while the denim has started to soften, the bulge persists. I'm not sure if it will ever go away. If I stare at it for too long it pisses me off. It wouldn't be so bad if it bunched up in the crotch/ass but right now it's protruding a good inch or two from my thigh at a sharp point, making them look awkward.

I like the fit through the leg though. I don't think sizing down would have been an option because these are already snug on my calves. I think I'd be losing circulation in a 30. The hip flare problem could also be from my build. The other fit pics I've seen have been mostly of taller/skinnier guys and there isn't much hip flare, if any. Maybe it's because I have too much material bunching up above the knees. I don't think I'll bother getting these tailored to fix the problem. Hopefully the hip flare will go away in a month or so.
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yeah give them time.. dior raws often have wicked hip flares too and theyve always gone away for me.. maybe NF is similar?
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NF look awesome i hope to get some for my next denim purchase.
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I get the same problem with my weird guy pair.

The upper thigh and butt area is shaped like a convex part of a spoon making me look fatter than i really am. But the leg is so slim. The whole jean does really look wierd on me i guess that is why they call it wierd guy. But not in a good sense.

I mean, it isnt an antifit shape.
It isnt even a repro fit or anything so the shape dont really make any sense to me.

But i got to give it to them for the denim though; the 15 oz denim they make it like steel. I mean its stiffer than my samurai.
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yeah i wear my boxers below my waist already and wear my denim just below the waist band, not sure what fit i should go with after stretching, normally wear 32 or 33
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Originally Posted by Notreknip View Post
Holt Renfrew maybe? Toronto (Bloor) has 'em.

holt vancouver "consolidated" all the N&F stock with other stores so they no longer have any in stock, i was pretty upset, i really don't want to buy from dutil if they overprice more than holt
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They are about 130-150 at Dutil I believe. The denim is nice and super thick, but unfortunately I wasn't at all impressed with the fit/cuts.
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Anyone know where I can get N&F Weird Guy in Deep Indigo Selvage? I called showroom but they are out of stock. Any help would be great thanks!
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I know Sydney's carries the weird guy, not sure if it's the 'deep indigo' or whatever though. I tried it on a few days ago, fit wasn't for me
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happy 2009

here were my pre-christmas gift to myself

sized down 1 or 2, i just chose the smallest size i could possibly button all the way up at the time which were 31's
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What model is that?^
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weird guy vintage blue model.
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i have a pair of the deep indigo wierd guys and they really are like steel.. .. ive been wearing them for about 2 months now and they are still stiff. . .. i am suprised at how much i like them. . even more than my imperials. . also a pair of the black sllim guys for bike riding.. . not nearly as thick as the deep indigos... does anyone have a pair of the 18oz big slubs or 21oz's??
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Jaychiz - I just shit my pants looking at that fit. It's beautiful. And that color jean with the rawish shine is absurdly beautiful.
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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
Jaychiz - I just shit my pants looking at that fit. It's beautiful. And that color jean with the rawish shine is absurdly beautiful.

yes homo? j/j
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