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Some day years from now if you see somebody else with ticket pockets on their suits, it may very well be me (if the ticket pocket is on the left hand, it is a very good chance that it is me).
The left side? Now that's fashionable.
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no, that is being left handed.
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I'm left handed too, so I guess we are both fashionable. What will we do when right handed is back in?
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P. of Kiton: A suit of Kiton's caliber is a piece of art. Work of art always looks good. If you think the suit that you are wearing is out of style, thats in your head. As long as the suit fits well, it looks good.
Of course he was going to say that. What did you think he was going to say: "Oh, then you are shit out of luck." He knows his customers, and that they are, in general, not the same customers that buy Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana (who cut pretty sharp suits themselves). He may even believe it. I respect that a Kiton suit is defintely made to very high standards. But Louis XiV's clothing, furniture, his damn palace are recognizable and indisputably works of art too. Try rocking his style at work.
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I saw a man wearing a grey suit with no lapels. Thats right no lapel. But this guy was really fit. He wore thin woolish black turtle neck underneath. It was oddly looking suit at first sight, but then it looked pretty good on him. I could not tell if the suit had canvase or not since it had no lapels, but the fabric draped very well. So really, all i am saying is, its not what you wear, its how you wear it.
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It appears to me that our desires to find clothes that last the never ending cycles of fashion's whims and wishes to be somehow misplaced.  Everyone here seems to have our own personal style so the whole idea of fashion to us is remote.  Women on the other hand are fashion whores so I personally would be hard pressed to take women's wardobe ideas for men.  This however is not true for all women.  There are a few out there that truly has a sense of style and not base their ideas on Harper's Bazaar...     The best thing is get what you like knowing the rules and then breaking them accordingly.
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I'm looking at a copy of Alan Flusser's Clothes and the Man, copyright 1985. There is a section at the end with pictures of 16 suits/sportcoats that illustrate a recommended wardrobe. I think all would pass muster today (although a couple of the sports jackets are not to my taste), as they would have in the intervening 19 years. I have suits that I purchased in 1991 (Zegna and Kiton) that I still wear today, and they do not look dated. Admittedly, I no longer wear the Giorgio Armani suits I purchased in the same time period. Style endures.
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Style endures.
I have always agreed that *conservative* styles endure longer than do directional styles. They will nevertheless become dated. I will put down a few pesos that a discerning observer could tell your 1991 Zegna suits from one bought today, although admittedly, most casual observers would not notice, nor would they care. More importantly, who cares whether your wardrobe today will pass muster in 10 years, as long as it looks good, and not tragic in today's perspective? If your particular sensibilities deem that something that is conservative is more attractive, I have no problem with that. It's the attitude that this aesthetic is inherently more valid than any other that gets my goat. BTW, if you really want "timeless", you should wear something so outlandish (say, hosen) that you'd have gotten the same reaction in 1975 as in 2004.
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