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Sleeve buttons

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Following the post on the merits of buying suits off EBay, I made my first venture into the gray market by purchasing two pieces by Brooks Brothers (low-mediocre quality, fused regular line, not Golden Fleece). I plan on wearing them for a variety of grad school occasions when something nicer risks destruction via misdirected Cosmo/Fruiti martini. Both are SB, one is a 3B navy pinstripe while the other is a 2B grayish/blue windowpane. After taking the suits to the tailors for some surgery, my local seamstress lamented that the windowpane jacket is missing sleeve buttons. NONE to be found, nor are buttons to be found in the pockets. Is this normal? Should I try to scrounge up buttons from somewhere else (e.g. harvest buttons from the salvation army)? Or can I get away without anything on the sleeves?
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I don't think that it would look quite right without buttons on the sleeves. It shouldn't be too difficult to find buttons that match those on the front of the suit; they cost next to nothing to buy and your tailor can put them on for peanuts. How are the suits otherwise? Are you satisfied with them?
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I'd take it back to BB and make them give you one with buttons.
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I'd take it back to BB and make them give you one with buttons.
I think he purchased them off of Ebay, in which case Brooks Brothers is under no obligation to provide anything.
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If it's a sportcoat, you'll only need one button at the sleeve, since I suppose the placket is allowed to be more open with casual clothes. And the cuff is supposed to have another button so you can adjust the cuff to keep out the rain. Like a rtw shirt. But if it's a suit, you'll of course need 3 or 4 buttons. The placket may not extend very far though, so you won't really be able to roll the sleeve up.
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