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Huge drop over the holidays not surprising. I suppose those spikes correspond to seller specials and promotion days? (But they don't run them that often... it's like midmonthly spikes??) I didn't expect that...
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I am done with eBay. I started in '98...it was a good 10 year run. I agree that the feedback rating is screwy...I just hope people who are predominantly buyers understand that ebay ruined this for themselves by aquiring paypal, hitting people with 4 seperate fees (listing (+ all the add-ons), final value, paypal, store) which typically added over 15% in costs all while providing no support and encouraging fraudulent behavior while falunting the law. Now they will pay. I paid eBay thousands in fees and yet when I refused to ship merchandise overseas to an unverified member after getting scammed a dozen times my account was terminated and they are still charging me monthly fees! It in an insult...a lot of good my "Power Seller Award" does me now. If I had the time/inventory I would simply open my own site...in fact maybe I will.
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Keep in mind that those totals are being greatly affected by the 20 cent listing day they did on the 13th. Which is exactly why they offered it. It has also been reported that they are obfuscating some of their official stats by adding in lsitings from ebay sites in other countries.
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