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Big and Tall Advices

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My chest size is a 54, but I wear a 56 Long with a 54 waist. My neck size is 20" with a 36' or 37' sleeve. Should I buy suits/sportcoats,blazers/trousers/dress shirts in Custom-Made or Ready-Made? What necktie length is right for me. A standard 56' or extra-long 61'?
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Easy: NEVER buy custom until you're savvy enough to know what you want.
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I have a 57" chest with a 20" neck and 38" sleeves too so our measurements in those areas are almost the same. Knowing what I know about Big and Tall I believe the 4XL sizing would be perfect. The key with Big and Tall is it accomodates folks where the chest and waist measurements are almost equal. With that in mind you might want to try off the rack or ready to wear first before jumping into custom. Separately, you can wear both kinds of ties although I prefer extra long (61") because the knot is thicker. Your can wear a normal length tie but the knot will be really small. Regards, CT
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Wow. Some really endomorphic 'brothers'. I would opt for made to measure. I too am of those proportions, well not quite. I am on the way down, for health reasons. For what you would pay for ready to wear, I would opt for made to measure. One could easily learn what one wants, with the plethora of sartorial information available. It wouldn't be very tough to figure out what you would want, what options you would like. I wouldn't necessarily follow the advice of some proponents of style, in regards to how to 'cover the flaws', in being of endomorphic proportions. I've admired a few guys who have a sense of style and presence (even though they are big guys) when they enter a room, for instance. They are so sure of their 'presence' factor, (I am NOT speaking of being a fop or arrogant) in that they are comfortable with themselves, that they could take chances and it would work out wonderfully for them. Some have bucked the conventional things that are supposed to 'flatter' a larger guy and tried things that are "supposed" to work for much smaller guys. (myself included) Have some fun. bespoken2
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