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My wardrobe is filling up and out, here's what I wear as a uniform: Spring/Summer/Fall: MMM leather 5-zip in black Hanes V-neck white tees I have a lot of black overdye skinny jeans (MMM, Acne hex cash, April 77, APC stretch cure, HL, etc) occasionally wear slim Acne chinos, Dor luster jeans This summer I've worn mainly a really faded pair of New Standards and a near-raw pair of Petit Standards, rolled up above the ankles, sockless shoes (actually with uniqlo peds but those are kind of ghey looking so I try not to talk about them ) A few pair of MMM German Army trainers, the hightops, the Raf Velcros, beaten USA Cons, white Repettos, etc, etc Lots of button up shirts, most APC, some Raf, some MTM stuff latest additions: I really liked the SS09 N. Hoolywood Amish quilt shit, so I bought a lot of the pieced quilt tops. Winter time: Same as above, plus some Rick Owens, I have that long single breasted vintage Raf mainline coat, and now I will be wearing a lot of homemade Temple of Jawnz outer pieces as I come up with them Interesting knits that I like; MMM or Jil Sander, etc I like wearing my Jil Sander and MTM low-rise side tab trousers and Jil X Church's shoes when it's chillier outside. Where I think I'm going, purchase wise: More old Raf and Jil in the pieces I like, lots of N. Hoolywood, more MMM, and then Temple of Jawnz prototypes to fill out the rest. ps: would buy lots of Junya, some FW09 Number Nine, some Thom Browne to wear the shit out of, and combine with N Hoolywood, if I could afford it, on some sort of dandy grunge preppy tip I am feeling lately.
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It's almost coming up on a year at SF and a lot has changed.

For work: Currently, I'm embracing an Amercan-preppy look. Slightly updated with more fitted items. I started phasing out all my old pants and bringing in slim fit chinos (mostly from JCrew, one from Uniqlo, and a new influx of Incotex ). Through thrifting, I've come upon a handful of OCBD's (both BB and PRL). I also have a few shirts from JCrew and some others which I've had tailored. The tailored shirts fit like a glove, and I intend on altering more of my current stock. For shoes, I picked up a pair of dress Top-Siders which I alternate with some cheap Ecco's. Luckily the Ecco's look decent since they are just plain cap-toes.

For casual: I still try and keep a pop-punk look when bumming around the house or going out with friends. The only jeans I wear anymore are the APC New Standards I picked up around Christmas. They might be low-end raw denim, but they're the best pair I've ever owned. They're worn daily when I come home and every weekend. These are worn with either a thrifted t-shirt or undershirt when at home or running errands. If I'm going out with people, I try and make sure to wear a button down or polo. Most of my casual button downs are thrifted western shirts and I have a couple polos from JCrew. I still wear my Vans pretty regularly, but I'm alternating a pair of low-top Chucks and some canvas Top-Siders.

For the future: I would like to embrace more of a Suedehead or Mod look for work and to start incorporating this into my casual look. First and foremost, I would like to get some new shoes/boots. I'm thinking some Clarks DB, but I'm not sure if I should go for dark brown suede or beeswax. I'd also like to pick up either some AE or Loake wingtips, or maybe some vintage Florsheim. Hopefully I can thrift some BB shirts which I can get altered to add to my shirt collection. A JTG Harrington would be nice come this fall. Maybe I'll save up for some Fred Perry sweaters when it gets a bit colder.
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I basically want to start dressing more like Phat Guido.
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Originally Posted by mr bunbury View Post
I basically want to start dressing more like Phat Guido.

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I'm headed into a more minimal style. My ideal uniform: black chucks, my RRL denim, black belt, fitted t-shirt (I'm liking ringers). Add Hoodie or Jacket as weather requires. Alternate with boots (something like a RedWing GT) and a few select button downs (chambray and thrifted westerns) and cashmere basic colored pullover sweaters in winter. Socks: plain old black Gold Toes crew socks Underwear: CK and 2xist boxer briefs. They're more comfy and fit better than Haynes & FotL, although I prefer the latter's price points. Macy's 25% sale & Loehman's FTW. Basically, my goals are to wear clothes that fit, but retain an idiot-proof quality where I can basically just grab anything in my wardrobe and be assured it "works" with anything else. The less choices I have, the better. I am absolutely fucking retarded before 11AM and making complex decisions like "does this go with this" is almost impossible for me.
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More white. A little bit more colour. Same basic uniform. I'm less into suits right now.
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Actually....this fall I'm gonna alternate between wearing heavy cotton pants and cords (no dress) paired with mah heavy turtleneck sweaters (which I have yet to find) and buttondowns (mostly MJK) and SF-approved boots (probly Katahdins), and wearing dirty sneakers, sweatpants, and t-shirts and hoodies. Depending on how I feel.
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Right now? Yeah, kinda preppy whatever. In the future? I aspire to go full on Goth ninja.
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A little more MC, but not not too much
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post
More white. A little bit more colour. Same basic uniform. I'm less into suits right now.

bravo fuuma

Originally Posted by Bsides View Post
Right now? Yeah, kinda preppy whatever.

In the future? I aspire to go full on Goth ninja.

It's already past its moment.
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converging towards styleforum.

apc's, isaia, clarks, sperrys, incotex, jcrew...
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I'm getting more and more formal. You can only go so far with jeans, it's time for awesome pants.
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getting more and more into wacky designer shit. not goth ninja, but less about spot on fit and more about interesting details
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Classic American, inching toward more foppish classic American. In terms of actual progress, I have recently realized darker colors work better for my pasty visage.
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