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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post
I now wear the same uniform pretty much every time and my next purchases will simply be fine tuning that look (unless I tire of it). I am still tempted to let go of all my clothes and get 4 identical grey suits + 10 white shirts + 2 pairs of shoes + 10 ties but I think I'll pass. I only wear one pair of blue denim and it doesn't get much wear. Black/grey/white jeans or pants for me. I'll probably get another pair of baggy black pants at some point.

Didn't Einstein do that? He said he had more important things to think about than what to wear. I like the idea but I don't think I can ever do it. Clothes are all I'm supposed to think about.
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A classier casual look. Dry denim versus junk jeans, button down shirts versus plain T's, boots versus raggedy moldy gym shoes along with a few good leather jackets and of course my bowlers and other fur felt hats.

Now when I do work construction then it's back to the real work clothes.
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I've really only started caring what I was wearing in the past couple of years (since finding raw denim).
Primary influences:
1. High School: strict dress code - still can hardly bear to wear shorts
2. Enterprise: I worked for the rent-a-car company for a couple of years where I was required to wear dress pants/shirt/tie every day. I had a very strong reaction against this...

Now, ideally I'm wearing some manner of raw denim with a casual button-down shirt, and trying to come up with shoes that are comfortable but still look good (very difficult, I've found, when you have wide feet) or boots, which I need something better than what I have currently, though funds are lacking.

Dressing up? Nicer button-down with raw denim and dress shoes. Not much variation.
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I am making the best of things I find at the thrift store. The forum has definitely helped me keep my eyes open for better pieces than I'd have looked for a year ago. I am still struggling with fit, and silhouette, but I hope that with time I'll look less like a 16 year old teenager and more my age.

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^^sounds good. A very high % of my stuff is thrift aswell, or used on ebay... i
f you just know what you want, and can tell good stuff from the bad stuff, and got some patience, thrift store stuff really shouldnt limit how you look imo.
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Originally Posted by berlin report View Post
Didn't Einstein do that? He said he had more important things to think about than what to wear. I like the idea but I don't think I can ever do it. Clothes are all I'm supposed to think about.

You are correct, sir. Einstein wore identical J Press suits.
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yeah having multiple copies of the same plain grey suit is a good uniform, one i wouldn't mind wearing all the time. I'd probably go Thom Browne if I did that, imo he does the best grey suit. I'm also a fan of Tom Ford, but his clothes are a bit flashier hence probably not so good for a faceless uniform wardrobe.
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I used to be so up my arse, I'd walk about town with a cane and gloves. Now, wearing a suit is impractical (especially the bottoned-up, wedgie look) so I opt for whatever cool work or skate wear I can get my hands on plus old staples like Barbour and Belstaff in the winter. However, I get a bit annoyed shopping and seeing endless hoodies and shirts. I'd like to see more innovation in clothing design and not just rehashing what our grandads wore.
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I go for an understated look, so I'm in the process of replacing my cheap basics with better ones. I'm appreciating quality more.

I'm also slowly building up a decent work wardrobe (suits/shirts/ties/shoes).

Overall, I don't think I have a "concept" or can really describe what my style is or where it's going in terms like "american workwear", "60s british mod" or "leather daddy" except to say that it's simple and pretty much mix-and-match. I'm getting more pieces tailored and am working on finding a silhouette I like as well as getting more interesting fabrics and leather goods.

I also like Fuuma's idea of a uniform. It makes sense in a way to find the look that you like the most and stick with it, day in, day out. I haven't found that holy grail yet so I'm trying out different things, but will let you all know if enlightenment occurs.
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Ok, almost a year since last bump, lets give it another round. I´ve pretty much done what I predicted last time, gotten more tradish, more ocbds, occasional tucking etc. I have seem to lost some interest in "vintage workwear" at the moment, and in someways started to look more "normal". Less accessories. I dont forsee any major style changes in the future, I just want to weed out the more ill fitting and weird things, and get more "good stuff". Plaid and chambray, loose fitting pants, fjällräven jacket, bucs, boat shoes and red wings is where its at. Woolrich buffalo plaid mackinaw for the winter.
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Perhaps a little more boring by my old standards. A year ago, I was focused on shoes that really didn't go with more than a handful of my clothes, loud hoodies, and graphic tees. Pair all these things with strictly bootcut jeans. I remember joining SF, reading and looking around, and thinking, "No way, man."

Well, yes way, man. I spend way more time here than I ever thought I was and perhaps subsequently, my sense of style has drastically changed. I still like unique shoes, but only ones that are more versatile. I finally concluded that hoodies, for the most part, look like shit on me. And the graphic tees? Most of them hit eBay. I haven't gone completely SF in the sense that I'll still snatch up a graphic tee that fits in with a more toned down look, but compliments the outfit (i.e. under a cardigan).

After trying out a slimmer pair of jeans, I'm sold. I won't ever go skinny, because I don't have the thighs and top block that compliment them. But slim or straight jeans are the staples going forward. My once beloved Levi's 527 now seem so baggy everywhere.

Some more new things I'm trying out these days:

- Boots: I was a one-pair-forever type of guy. Looking in to getting a pair of DB's and a more substantial black or brown boot for the winter.
- Non-Denim Pants: I hadn't worn anything but jeans or shorts since high school. Now I'm looking to mix in some chinos or even khaki-colored denim to break the monotony of indigo every day.
- Button Downs: Hadn't worn these since high school, either. Really like the ones I got at Uniqlo.
- Accessories: I'm not a big fan of man jewelry, but think certain accessories help make a mundane fit more interesting. Whether it's a leather cuff or a tie, I'm looking to add more of these to my look going forward.
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post
i am lost and uninspired
i've lost motivation to dress up as i no longer go anywhere really, and if i do go somewhere i worry about somehow my clothes getting screwed up by some moron

i am still very lost
i wear a tee, jeans, and vans daily, this look is so annoying it has become the summer uniform, i think once it is a bit colder, i can maybe become inspired and motivated once again to dress a bit nicer...

overall i think i would like a modern tailored touch to classic clothing, very well fitting...
i am trying to make things more interesting rather than boring, but i am not sure how...
i want to get more into boots/leather soled shoes instead of sneakers for this fall/winter, i need a new pair of jeans desperately as well...
Lets see, this was my post from last year...
I now have much more motivation to dress up... and I am not too lost

For play:
Summer - im taking it easy, tee shirt, jeans, sneakers is my daily uniform... sometimes wearing some shorts...
This Fall - I really want a pair of Flathead 3001s size 33 - chainstiched -2 inches on the inseam... I will definitely be getting these, and I assume they will be my staple pair throughout the fall and winter this year... I want to get a few flannel shirts as well to wear with my FH3001s, might just go with a tailored j.crew shirt on that front... I also want to go more with a pair of boots this fall/winter year... maybe LL Bean Katakdins (sp?)... This will be more of my bumming around uniform... whereas if i am going out places, I will be wearing my slim apc new cures, band of outsiders oxfords, common project sneakers, cardigans, fall weight jackets, etc...

So my bum around/outside gear will be more towards workwear, otherwise american-prep as usual...

For work:
Summer - Lightweight cotton pants ala incotex, mabitex, and random brands from yoox... OCBDs, all very fitted, pants with no break, and a medium rise if possible... various colors of shoes/boots... this is where it is and staying for now... greys & browns for pants, blue and white for shirts

This Fall - will want to maybe grab a sportscoat or two, add a few pairs of wool pants, much much more OCBDs... no ties... some heavier pants, want mostly wool pants and heavier cottons
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I'm looking toward more fashiony stuff, desperately trying to keep the peasant purchases to an absolute minimum and save up for the big-gun pieces. Right now I'm strongly considering replacing my Katahdin's with some black lace-up boots. Selling all of my jeans right now, replacing with two pairs of DRKSHDWs. Fall purchases will probably be one very nice piece of outwear or a few slightly less expensive knits, maybe a new blazer. Expect to see lots of turtlenecks from me this fall.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Classics with a twist and some innovative pieces but always mixed together to my eye. This coupled with more tailoring and cleaning up the look.

this, on cruise control baby
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was just going through my old waywts and the best are the simplest. blazer, scarf, jeans and good shoes. think i have to give up on the avant garde except for a couple of great pieces.
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