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Ya ok Evan. Your one of the top 5 best waywt posters.
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How do you juggle between heritage based stuff that has a lot of history in them (design inherited from the past) and the modern form and silhouette focused avant garde clothings?

I am leaning close to avant garde clothing because they make me look sharp and true heritage clothing tends to be "grandpaish" in terms of fitting but there is just this appeal that always pull me back to the oldies in a way that I can spend hours looking at stuff like buzz rickson or mister freedom but sadly knowing that the fitting will put me off if I indeed have made a purchase. Having both styles means a need for a truck load of dough too... frown.gif
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Personally I quit juggling. the heritage americana look is one I really like and appreciate, but it doesn't look nearly as good on me as the wardrobe I'm working on now. Then again, if you have truckloads of dough, I guess you could go for it!
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Just go 100% Junya.
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100% bankrupt
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On a holy pilgrimage.
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Into a negative energy Dirac Sea.

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Leaning away from minimalism and (back) toward more traditional, though not typically 'MC'. Still suit- and blazer-based but trying to incorporate more pattern and color, and off-beat design details. Wanting a little more cohesion in my wardrobe. But, we'll see, my recent purchases have been madras pants, white blazer, tweed vest, espadrilles and a skinny belt. So go figure.

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Been going too along the "luxury" inspired looks along with the givenchy line. Been doing custom pieces for myself going to do more basic and comfortable fits with basic tees and do more simple pieces that has very nice detail but in small detail.
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"starving college student"
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Minimal, fluid, unusual tailoring with an emphasis on cool fabrics. Tailoring with a tweeeeeeeeeeest

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#menswear x SZ Collab
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I'm drawn to items that are unique and interesting without being too different. It sounds paradoxical, but it's not. I want to be original, but still fit in. I like to be noticed, but only by people who will appreciate me. Subtlety is big for me. I like basic things that are done perfectly. I like colors, shapes and textures that compliment me rather than just look stunning on their own.
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nowhere, fast.

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just spent an evening drinking white wine out of a pickle jar, creeping around a little league baseball game.

edit: bread and butter pickles
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