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To a weird hybrid of ivy prep and rugged Americana. I just bought a pair of Imogene and Willie denim that I'll taper the legs on a bit and then will be pairing with a blazer. While I'm at school this fall (back in the class after 4 years!), I'll be doing shaggy dogs with a clark's desert boot. Honestly I think it won't look all that great, but I'm ok with the wardrobe being in transition. 

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I'm locked in to a boring and basic wardrobe, just like I like it. Good cuts, quality fabric and little subtle details that most people will miss. stealth brings health
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Since the middle of last year I've gone from using clothing to hide my insecurities over my physical looks to actually using clothing and style as an extension of my body. It no longer looks like the clothes are wearing me and I've been feeling as comfortable as I can be. 


Before it was Thom Browne prep-punk and now it's British/American heritage sports wear and Japanese workwear. I feel the diversity of models in the latter style have positively influenced my body consciousness. 

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For a long time I thought I wanted to have a clean, Americana styled look: slim raw denim and khakis, OCBDs in plaid and blue, workwear jackets, boots, navy duffle coat, etc. Spent a bunch of money at j crew and similar stores.

After I got to SF, though, I started seeing so many more styles and developing a taste for more out-there sorts of fashion. I started to think of other looks besides "tailored slim fit" as good.

Now I'm a lot less sure of how I want my style to end up, I'm sort of in an experimental phase. I still like slim and skinny clothing, but I also bought two Yohji Yamamoto pieces (I love the jacket and can't wait for the hakamas), and I'm really starting to love a lot of Damir Doma as well. Ann D is something I really like the look of too.

I realized that the transition between super slim and super volume-y clothes was kinda jarring, so right now I'm tying the wardrobe together by keeping things very monochrome in general. I basically wear black, white, and grey, with some dark navy and dark brown thrown in. Basically a dusty and washed out sort of palette (although I really want to add some of that faded purple that's been cropping up in Ann pieces lately). I like having less color in my clothes, it puts the focus on the shape and details of the garments themselves in my mind.

Basically I don't know where I'll end up, except further away from "standard" clothes biggrin.gif I'm enjoying myself though!
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Im actually at pretty much the same place as Ive been the last couple of years. Sort of sportwear/academica/ lazy workwear-trend. ocbd´s, loose fit khakis, a bunch of 60/40 parkas, casual sport coats. In winter duffle coat, loose cords/moleskin trousers, scottish cardigans, french boiled wool workwear jacket.

As examplified by todays stuff: 7 year old LVC 37 501, plaid bd shirt, ll bean dirty bucks, universal works sport coat.

'Main thing ive focused on is to get really comfortable shoes and getting rid of a bunch of bad fitting ones. Solution to wide feet = moccasins/boatshoes...
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I would say my style is getting there. My style used to be so cal, skinny jeans, and v necks. Its relaxing but I do like being more presentable. I recently bought me a new suit, couple ties, and some nice dress shirts. Its not enough, but its a step in the right direction. I got more of semi dress shirts that I can wear with sperry's or some nice Chinos. Guess more of the east coast/ Marthas Vinyard/ Fraternity look. I usually love to wear a white oxford, khaki shorts and sperrys. I can rock that look any time. I did get me a new suit and nice shoes for interviews, but I still need to start on my daily business wear. In 3-5 years I plan on wearing a suit every day for my attire.

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same as it ever was
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Monochrome. White, grey, black and some navy.

This summer I've definitely played more with silhouette, using these sweltering months to try out more loose, flowing clothing. I'll probably transition to slimmer clothing again soon if only due to the economics the overhauling of a winter wardrobe would entail. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a few items that will allow some fun to be had while I'm trudging through the snow.
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Lately I've been trying to not make too many purchases, and I've got some cool pieces but not enough normal-fitting basic items to tie them together, so that's what I've been trying to focus on when I do buy anything.  I've also been trying to find mid/high-rise pants that aren't as skinny.

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Think i'm getting tired of all the workwear and my aesthetic is shifting towards more designer wear like Schneider, Ervell and japanese brands like nonnative. It seems that many here have gone down the same route. Color palette has shrunk to black, white, blue and earth colors. I realize an aesthetic change is going to set me back quite a bit financially but i'll probably acquire pieces slowly. Need to figure out the crazy japanese sizing soon though.
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im really beginning to like relaxed fitting clothing especially trousers in quality comfy materials from labels like Ann D, Geller, Dries and Plokhov. Its been an expensive exercise but i have never felt more comfortable in my clothes as i do now.
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My Nonnative jacket would be considered "workwear"
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I meant general aesthetic. Of course there will be a few pieces here and there that cross into each other's territory but that's also part of the beauty of it.
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Transitioning from Americana/workwear to high end designer/Japanese shit takes a ton of time and money, I'm learning. My wardrobe is shifting slower than I'd like, and I end up wearing only a few pieces over and over again.

Whatever, it's fun to work slowly towards something I know will be worth it in the end
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there is no end.
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