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The plaid fad has gotten completely out of f'in' control. It's as out of control as affliction/ed hardy shirts were just a year or two ago.
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My style is solid as black metal icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Seriously, its not going anywhere. Probably quite a bit more polished and "normal" than when I was a regular fit poster, often tucked ocbd´s, chambray, plaid, dark and earthy colors. Roomy khakis, navy cords. Nothing fun going on, not even a floral print.
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More in this direction. Very casual, quite dark. Anime gothic biker Final Fantasy character.
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bro, sub that shirt for givenchy pit bull.
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i hope that's a joke, and will assume it is
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I'm not sure where my style is going, and don't really care actually. I'm trying to reconcile 45RPM, Belgium, mountaineering and surfing. I'm just having fun with it, really, and it seems to work well enough.
I still have to figure out the footwear part.
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something like this:

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Originally Posted by whatever123 View Post

something like this:

would you stop trolling every thread and be real for once or at least funny?
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As an ex-punk rocker/rivethead (do we ever stop, that's the question?), this year will be my most conservative yet. I plan to revolve around J Crew and MTM OCBDs, chinos and trousers from Epaulet, and work boots from Redwing, Wolverine, and Alden. I'm hoping the mohawk + beard + boots will keep me from looking completely Stylebore-um, but it'll be a refreshing change in uniform regardless.
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I plan on expanding my comfort zone a little and trying some new things. Not sure how that will play out yet.
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i like comfort but stylish. would love to go high end fashion but need the $$$ lol

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pretty boring, the only interesting thing i've got recently is a needlesesque shaggy fleece
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I want to look like a down on his luck 1930's jazz musician just trying to get by and pick up some dames. But you know, current.




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Originally Posted by Dr Huh? View Post

I want to look like a down on his luck 1930's jazz musician just trying to get by and pick up some dames. But you know, current.

So you want to wear suits? I don't get it.
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My style has- for the moment - moved away from fit, color, brand, construction etc.

I am still learning, but over the last one year of purchasing a bunch of stuff I've realized that "I want" is a constant refrain and the desire to buy new and beautiful things never lets go, if you let it take over.

Me, I want an Edward Green Dover, I want a John Lobb William II, I want an SNS Herning Stark, I want a RLPL Cashmere cardigan, I want a TOJ leather, now I want a pair of Samurai jeans, a Cabourn jacket, I want, I want....... this, to me, is in itself neither graceful nor stylish.

And I am not sure whether I am developing a sense of style or only feeding the 'I want' monster.

Therefore, my sense of style is moving towards developing and defining the parameters of what I want. In turn this is based partly on what I need and what I actually use.

For example, shoes. I want to wear different shoes every day of the week, casuals on Fridays, two weeks in a row. I believe that this rotation will ensure that my shoes last for a long time. Therefore it is my goal to purchase 10 high quality shoes (8 plus 2) and let it go. I have over the year accumulated 8 of these shoes. Similarly for sweaters. The objective in each case being to identify what I need, buy the best I can, and let it go.
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