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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post
i've been having a look at moleskin, and cords i guess. I probably will get some, but i don't mind a little bit of juxtaposition. Plus, flannel and tweed aren't that formal.

Moleskines are the closest you can get to sweatpants without wearing sweatpants imo, I pretty much wear them because they're comfortable in a different way from flannel and linen.
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I feel like I have two distinct wardrobes now. One of them of them is on the preppy side and the other is a little more avant garde. I'm not sure how important overall cohesion is, but I feel like I can put together good fits in either camp.
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Losing weight... shifting towards a looser, somewhat draped aesthetic, at least to an experimental degree
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Seasons really affect me. Every winter I vow to only wear all-black, avant-garde pieces, and by early June I'm buying white suede Allen Edmonds and cardigans. But as I enter my 20s, my style's generally heading toward timeless items. I'm looking for well-made pieces whose construction and styling won't be outdated any time soon.
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^Here's a store for you: http://chcmshop.com/ About CHCM We are obsessed with classic, timeless garments for everyday use. Our collection consists mainly of American and European manufacturing brands with a strong heritage, as well as contemporary brands with a similar outlook. Whether a garment was originally designed for warmth in unforgiving environments, wind resistant and water repellent for country pursuits, smooth and breathable for comfort in the spring and summer, or just conceived with an honest function in mind, the important thing is that these features translate into every day use for urban dwellers, whilst keeping you looking good and thus feeling good as time wears on.
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I realised yesterday that all items I wore were 2-4 years old (j crew chambray shirt, Duffer red chambray pants, ll bean dirty bucks). And I still thought it looked fresh. Only thing Ive added recently are two pairs of good khakis, but thats far from a change style wise, more of and update.
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post
I feel like I have two distinct wardrobes now. One of them of them is on the preppy side and the other is a little more avant garde. I'm not sure how important overall cohesion is, but I feel like I can put together good fits in either camp.

guess that's how I am in a way except I know I look way better on one side compared to the other

however, summer (luckily?) limits me to one side
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i dressed like an amjack yesterday. pumas, funky true religion jeans and stripey shirt. i wore those things like 4 years ago. dunno how i got there agen.
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I'm with you, branss. Classic, quality pieces that fit like a dream are what I want filling my closet.

I'm studying abroad in Europe for about half a year come next Spring, and have already begun to consider what I wish to pack for the trip (only the bare essentials). As I'm making this list, I'm beginning to realize exactly what I want, aesthetically. I think the whole desert island scenario is a great to zero in on one's personal aesthetic, and also a great way to find one's "outfit."

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Buying more expensive t-shirts. That's about it for right now.
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get with it
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I guess if I had to give a term to what I'm looking for my style to become it would have to be a mixture of an average GQ young-man style ( l/s button-downs in a myriad of colors with rolled-up sleeves, chinos, denim, bracelets, boots) and average college student (graphic and no-graphics tees, only Vans authentic sneakers and not caps). I like both of these styles and enjoy choosing which one I'll wake-up and put-on. I want my wardrobe to have clothes I can wear all year round.
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I'm slowly being sucked into the Damir Doma universe. Rick Owens also has some appeal for me, but there isn't enough color
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^ I admire that kind of style (RO, Doma, etc.), I've ordered the odd item here and there but never really wore or kept them. The thing with those types of brand/styles is I find the looks are just a bit severe for whatever setting I'm in. The same goes for even the few Robert Geller items I have. If I'm not at work (in chinos and collared shirts), I'm usually out with my wife and/or son where "plain"/active clothes are more ideal. So that edgier style is something I can only admire looking at, while my own style has gotten more "classic dad" I guess.
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Actually, as a revision of my previous statement, I've been following high fashion runways and products more closely, and am really loving some of the wilder statement pieces. I'm especially a fan of fair isle/navajo/geometric printing seen in brands like White Mountaineering, Sunny Sports, Junya Watanabe, Ervell, Sidian/Ersatz/Vanes, and so on. I think that if one were to pursue an otherwise classic aesthetic (chinos, dark denims, white OCBD's), a single statement piece from one of these brands would be really cool. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds at the moment to actually attempt such sartorial daring IRL Anyone else sweating these crazy patterns as much as me? edit: Found a blog that matches almost perfectly with what I've been looking for, and in the process I've discovered that it's obscure Japanese fashion that I'm really in love with. The site: http://jamesrmcnally.com/
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