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In the half year or so that passed since this thread first came up, i think my style has become a lot more reductionist. I wear pretty much the same uniform of shirt/cotton pants/black lace-ups every day now and don't feel much like straying from this formula.
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Originally Posted by berlin report View Post
I feel quite ambivalent about my "look" at the moment, hence the lack of WAYWT posts. That's it. I feel strangely uninspired but somehow not really worried about. Is this age? All in all considerably more relaxed than in my youth.

I'm sort of feeling the same. Nowadays I almost dress the same everyday....a fred perry knit polo over trousers or jeans. nice shoes. Formulaic and a uniform but it works for me and I'm really not interested in trying to look different/new just for the sake of it.

the one thing I'm noticing is being a bit less uptight, in terms of I wear more shirts untucked nowadays.

and I'm feeling solid colors more for my shirts and trousers, rather than checks/plaids/stripes.
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I kinda stuck to my guns. I definitely have quite a bit more in terms of more dress/casual wardrobe for teaching and looking more put together. Still looking for a few more pieces for stuff like that though. I've been buying more stuff like that, but still a few younger stuff to wear around campus and out at night. I get bored wearing the same things/style all the time though, so i have to mix it up some.
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i feel that this summer i've focused less on looking great and more on feeling comfortable. I do feel i got a little lazy with my style and vow to make more of an effort in the fall/winter. I work for home depot and i was the garden supervisor this summer so i worked alot outdoors so i've worn jeans to work maybe 3 times this season. I did pick up some interesting shorts and wore alot of linen and seersucker. I do feel like i still looked stylish but perhaps not as put together as I did last spring/winter. The exception was on my cruise back in june when i made it a point to always look impeccable. I have to say i cant wait for fall.
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I just try become better dressed. Right now I'm into dark colours, primarily black and charcoal and a white contrast. Just trying to be basic for now. Try to move on when I have a better idea of style. I don't know how good it's working, but at least I feel comfortable with what I'm wearing.
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I'm not too into looking sharp. I've always tried to pursue a countryside gentleman look. I try to keep a couple modern pieces, but I just want to have the "old guy sitting at a cafe" look. Earthy tones, neutrals, tweeds, twills and courdoroys.

But my collection is still building up, most of the fun is in the collecting and searching for pieces.
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Fuck man, I don't know. I do white shirt, jeans, and boots, rar USA USA USA but that's because its what my budget allows. I still like playing around with random shit often. And when I can.
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Good thread topic. Can't get out of a funk of buying black, white and grays...Streetwear will always be king for me though.
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All of my a/w purchases, with the exception of one BoO shirt, have been black/grey.
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adapting to a warmer climate (seattle to the south bay area)...which sucks...basically renders my EG bedford and other winter coats unwearable, except at night, or if i'm in the city. and probably won't be able to wear fall gear until november. and winter gear, almost never, with the exception of the occasional "cold" weeks in winter
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i am lost and uninspired
i've lost motivation to dress up as i no longer go anywhere really, and if i do go somewhere i worry about somehow my clothes getting screwed up by some moron

i am still very lost
i wear a tee, jeans, and vans daily, this look is so annoying it has become the summer uniform, i think once it is a bit colder, i can maybe become inspired and motivated once again to dress a bit nicer...

overall i think i would like a modern tailored touch to classic clothing, very well fitting...
i am trying to make things more interesting rather than boring, but i am not sure how...
i want to get more into boots/leather soled shoes instead of sneakers for this fall/winter, i need a new pair of jeans desperately as well...
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ditched the super loose t-shirts, i really only use those for when I am doing manual labour but depending on the intensity, I still move towards the workshirts offered by crane's country store.

I am really liking the country style wardrobe and wearing such shirts when in casual settings. At the same time I am trying to build a casual but sharp wardrobe for those nights out, as well as a business casual wardrobe to wear at work. I've got a long way to go before I can say I am set, but I figure I won't be making any drastic changes to my wardrobe for a very long time.

Also discovered the beauty of clothes that fit this summer, and thus being very picky (if it works into my existing wardrobe) as to what I buy and always pay attention to quality and detail. I really like the Obakki and EG F/W collections this year.

FWIW, picked up some sports jackets with an interesting texture that I can run around the town in.
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Cleaned up The look - influenced by minimalism in music ( john Riley and music without words ) and architecture, typography. Spent some free time looking at pictures in textbooks lol. Solid Colors - Ts, Polos, Shirts Less Denim. I wouldn't like to change the 'cleanliness' of aesthetic but would like to play with more colors.
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I dunno, where is styleforum going?
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