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Classics with a twist and some innovative pieces but always mixed together to my eye. This coupled with more tailoring and cleaning up the look.
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I would never presume to give that much credit to my "style".
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As of right now, not a terrible amount of direction. Buying pieces i can wear pretty easily and in different casual circumstances since i'm still an undergrad. Once i know for sure i'm into my grad school and going to be teaching (at least for a few years after grad school till i find something better and higher paying perhaps), i probably will shift stuff up a bunch. Sell a bunch of clothes i currently have on sufu and get some more slightly preppy stuff i can wear to teaching so i can look stylish but also not like any of the students. As much as i enjoy just wearing skinny jeans, sneakers, tshirt, hoodie, cardigan, etc... there's no way i can do that as a teacher. YMC, NDG, BoO, EG, and then certain posters here (bobo, GS, jet, FTB, maharlika, socal and others) give me some ideas for how to dress after i'm done with my whole youth clothing phase. Probably a mix between classic pieces with some interesting detailing, a bit of NE prep/workwear and possibly more conservative (but still with a twist) from designers i enjoy like Raf, VB, MMM, and others. For now i'm just going to enjoy myself and if i do buy something a bit more expensive try to choose things that i know will have decent resale value. I wouldn't be comfortable dressing now how i plan to in 3-4 years and vice versa so i'm just enjoying myself now. But right now, it's pretty obvious i don't have much a direction and just wearing bits and pieces i enjoy. Is it the most coherent, well thought out style? No, but regardless i feel alright for the most part.
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I lack any sense of direction as well. Right now I just buy shit I like and I think I can wear in some way, but there's no coherent style. I wanna dabble a bit in everything.
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Some pieces I wear not because of how they look on me, but because I'm so in love with them I want to keep them near me all day.

Aside from that I want to go 19th century London or at least what I picture in my head to be 19th century London. More knitwear with thicker fabrics. I really liked the costume design in "Sweeny Todd" if that's any indication.

Of course I'm in LA for school so I'll look retarded wearing wool and whatnot in the middle of summer but fuck it, I don't care anymore, it feels too right.
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Originally Posted by itskub View Post
Im headed in the dressing-down, casual direction. A couple items like plaid pants, vests, cardigans, button downs in my closet I dont think Ill be wearing anymore. Well-fitting basics such as khakis, solid sweaters, henley t-shirts can do plenty for you , and i think girls prefer guys who dont look like theyre trying.
sorry if this didnt make sense but im sick and cant think / see straight.

Sounds like we got the same bug. Dizzy everytime I stand and my eyeballs hurt. As for my style, I think it has matured since I have found this forum. Still casual ,but no longer trendy.
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I think I've fallen under the sway of the designers, subscribing to the preppy hipster trend on the horizon - with different twists to incorporate my older wardrobes - mostly edgy darker stuff or workwear inspired individual pieces.

After this, this summer I'll be pursuing jobs relevant to my career, so I'll buy a suit or 2, some blazers and then start dabbling in the MC stuff; while keeping it relevant and wearable in this forum. A lot of my clothing investment will be towards well fitting shirts, and tailored clothing.

I just recently bought about 100 vintage ties on ebay to anchor my style for the next year or so. It's oh so hipster douchebaggy but I have fun with it in college so fuck it.
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I wanna look like the male version of the Olsen twins. Layering layering layering, but with a penis.
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My style goal is to eventually, regardless of my job, wear a jacket and tie, if not a suit, every day and not look contrived doing so. Its more of a matter of working up the fuck-off confidence to do it right than to actually acquire the wardrobe.
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Styles never dissapear. They are just continuously evolving.
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Knits and denim are my fetish...
Collared shirts, raw jeans, knits, boots. Black, blue and brown as the main colors. Like a NE prep and a stereotypical french existentialist had a bastard lovechild on a post-apocalyptic moon.
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Naturally I prefer the vintage workwear look. I'm growing into it more and more as I slowly acquire more items within the vein of my look. Some folks around here pull off the many different looks thing but I'm the kind of person who would rather keep it fairly simple and stick with my developed look. I've been moving closer towards where I want to be and hopefully I'll be finishing my wardrobe up fairly soon and just maintaining it from then on and occasionally adding a few items each season.
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My casual stuff seems to be getting less luxe and more utilitarian overall. I hardly ever wear dressy shoes with jeans anymore, always boots or chucks. And a lot of the motorcycle, western and outdoors derived clothing that I used to wear when I was younger has been making it back into the rotation. Executed better now that it was then though.

As far as inspiration goes, I was recently inspired by looking through a lot of pictures of my grandfather after he passed. He was one of the most stylish men I have ever met, and I was especially struck by how he mixed western wear pieces into a wardrobe that was not western themed overall. He grew up on a ranch in Montana so I think it was second nature to him, and it looked fantastic. It motivated me to wear some of my favorite western stuff more often and in new ways.
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I have no idea where my style went. Thanks for bringing it up.
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Down the terlet.
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