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thank you, was waiting for that
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Originally Posted by SuperBobo View Post
^^ Dont know if we should go there, but... what? Is that like "we showed those imperialist colonialists?" or analogue with "i get extra proud to be a sweed when I see how swarthy arabs are"?
No, no, no. We just hate Australians. We have no problem with the British. After all, we are imperialist colonialists; we are colonialism's ultimate triumph. The British succeeded in colonizing America so thoroughly that we no longer needed their support.
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It doesn't really matter. We are revelling in your ignorance. have been for years.
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Don't feed the troll.
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I'd say my style is finally growing a bit, I'm nearing the end of my college day, and embracing the ability to wear sneakers and jeans and hoodies while I still can. I'm fascinated with things that age well, boots, bags, jeans, belts. I'm not really into the workwear vibe, but I like the way clothes develop a familiarity and I think that helps craft a style. I've never liked things perfect, so finding pieces that look right when they're not perfectly pressed or polished is big for me. I'm looking to pick up a great pair of fall/winter boots for this reason, and a new pair of jeans that will help with this.
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Originally Posted by Razele View Post
Don't feed the troll.

Which one? I believe there are several of us
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It's funny, it's almost like I have a few different looks, but generally I go for the outre chic/sophisticated deal. Just depends on what I'm doing at that point- club in the East village, country club, work, just chillin... etc.

As I grow older I can only hope/predict that my style will get more complex, and incorporate a wider variety of looks.
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I figured I had been a member here longer than I have, only about a year. Anyway, when I joined I think I was MC only--I desperately wanted to dress up all the time with a tie and suit. I probably had 20 ties and Banana Republic and Thomas Pink were two of my favorite brands. After I realized how stupid I looked and that no one else around me dressed that way, I did the complete opposite and fell into a heavy workwear transition. Sold mostly all of my dress clothes save for a few things and went full bore into EG and a few other heavy workwear brands. Realized that it was too much, and scaled back significantly. I'd say I fall into a more trad/prep/classic american with a northwest/lumberjack twist right now. Although, its been more preppy this summer with all the heat. I can't wait to get into fall with wools and flannels. As to where I see myself going--just being way more selective in what I buy and focus on very high quality pieces which I think I have done for the most part in the last 3-4 months. The days of buying in mass are over.
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my summer uniform has pretty much been a t shirt/button down, chinos/jeans, and chucks/BB deck sneakers/CPs.

The only difference in the winter is that I'll throw on a few more layers (cardigans, hoodies, and jackets/coats) and swap out the shoes with a pair of Red Wings.

If anything, I can say I really appreciate classic american pieces (OCBDs, for example) and wearing them in until they're soft and frayed.

Also, my color pallete tends to somewhat bland and nuetral. Nothing beats a heather grey t, IMO. the only real pop of color comes from my socks and in the winter, my scarves. The only white socks I own are these thom browne-esque ones with red/blue stripes that I picked up at UNIQLO. When I wear a suit, however, I like to play aorund with my shirt, tie, and pocketsquare color.

Right now im wearing a white t, slim-fitting chinos, pink/grey horizontal-striped socks, and blue BB deck sneakers.
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Bumping this because my style has been changing: I've been moving back to how I dressed before the whole workwear/Americana thing hit. I'm wearing a lot less workwear and I've been trying to get back to a pared-down, minimal style. Raf's first few collections for Jil Sander (06-07) are currently a big influence, but I can't afford to go all-out right now so I'm trying to approximate the aesthetic using pieces I already have.
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Fall 07 was my favorite, I flip between that and crazy pieces depending on what my mood is. It's nice to have choices.
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i honestly have no fucking clue
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Part of me wants to go more modern grungy americana type stuff (junya, margiela, visvim, ToJ inspired shit), the other part of me wants more minimilistic dressy type stuff (05-07 jil/raf, certain margiela, cloak, some geller, ervell, etc..) and then another wants more youthful dark rock sorta goth stuff. Just no money or time
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I've been steering farther and farther away from mall brands (ie. Gap, JCrew, BR) since I've graduated and focused more on the likes of EG, BoO, NdG, W+H, ect. and really focusing on slowly selecting higher quality pieces of clothing to add to my wardrobe. I think my style is heading towards classic americana but with a darker and more modern twist (yeah that sounded kinda dumb). Out goes the hoodies, faded jeans, graphic tees, and ill fitting shirts. What a relief.
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Kinda moving in two ways as I really have two wardrobes, a professional one and a casual one. Casual stuff is heavily influenced by mil surplus, punk and grunge. I think I'll be keeping this and introducing more key pieces selectively every season, some well cut t's, a different button up, coated denim and awesome knits will be on the eye for next year, along with some insanely awesome engineer boots. Professional stuff is really lacking, but will be very basic minimalist MTM and bespoke items, keeping it simple but with excellent fabric and construction. Jil items will be used here. For my casual stuff I'm really happy with the way it is, it's what I've always wanted. A TOJ leather and some PS shoes and I'll be done for this year, big purchase wise. Need some more MTM shirts later though. Looking forward to next year and doing my PBJ order and some other proxy stuff I'm interested in.
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