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Where is your style going?

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Do you have a clear sense of direction or development, to you just change at random or dont you change at all? How does inspiration influence what you eventually will end up looking like?

Ive noticed myself being more interested in the "preppy/trad" look (oxfords, bow ties, cords...) but probably through a more EG/streetwear lense... Im also really drawn towards the whole 45rpm style (where a loose blue oxford isnt out of place either) aswell as the more extreme concept of Kapital with really worn in quirky items, as dropped crotched pants, but dont really know where it all will come together and end. I wear alot of blue these days, safe to say...
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it sounds basically like me. the older i get, the more traditional i become i guess. i don't think i'll ever be "high fashion" nor do i really try it anymore.
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i always described my style as 'classic, but modern' but i find myself to be evolving into a trad/high fashion mix...whiiiich is basically the same as 'classic, but modern.' hahaha
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Doug Bihlmaier.
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I've been asking myself the same question. Most of the time, I'm either in a t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, and sneakers/boots or a button-down, sweater(vest), jeans or some sort of casual pants, and boots. The thing is I never feel like i have a consistency in what I wear day to day. Some might find it really boring, but I love the loden dager aesthetic and I'm starting to really appreciate some of the pieces by Engineered Garments (though I think I might be too small to fit into any).
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Im headed in the dressing-down, casual direction. A couple items like plaid pants, vests, cardigans, button downs in my closet I dont think Ill be wearing anymore. Well-fitting basics such as khakis, solid sweaters, henley t-shirts can do plenty for you , and i think girls prefer guys who dont look like theyre trying.
sorry if this didnt make sense but im sick and cant think / see straight.
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Originally Posted by poly
the older i get, the more traditional i become i guess. i don't think i'll ever be "high fashion" nor do i really try it anymore.

+1. I was pretty traditional to begin with, though. I don't necessarily have a "direction," but I'd like to think I know when a piece/line is not for me.
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I've been wearing the same shit for so long that I don't think my style foundation is going anywhere...if anything I'm trying to mix it up with more of a (and this sounds lame but I don't know how else to describe it) "punk" edge. ok, that was painful to type. but yea, something like that. It's my goal this year to not get anymore ben sherman-style buttondowns. I already have 40+ of them so I think i'm set.

Funny that guys are moving into "preppy/trad" and I think I'm moving out of it, at least incorporating less of it into my daily. But that'll always be my "default" look.
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Originally Posted by poly800rock View Post
it sounds basically like me. the older i get, the more traditional i become i guess. i don't think i'll ever be "high fashion" nor do i really try it anymore.

same here...

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I'm 38. My work allows me to dress casually and the "night life" here is decidely casual. For the past 15 years I have always felt most comfortable in jeans or some type of chino or work pant, with an untucked button down shirt, dress shoes or boots . When cold, add a sweater or jacket. In summer the shirt may be camp shirt or polo. When I get home it's into a tshirt and sneakers if not going out. I think where SF has changed that for me in the past 9 months is in quality, fit and trying to find very small ways to add color or some other way to add "flair" without looking like a twat. I don't see this process changing, but rather fine tuning it.
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Being a slightly "older" chap myself, I'm probably not as quick to react to the current trends. However, it's the music that always informs my style. Regardless of the situation, there must be a mod/punk edge to the look. Like many others, I'm sure, Paul Weller is the basis for many of my "looks." There have been many adventures not to far off the Weller path (i.e., Blur, Strokes, Libertines, even Franz Ferd....), but like any addict, I always seem to come back to the man.

To answer the original question:
Since discovering SF, the overall feel remains the same... but the fit and quality will continue to grow exponentially.
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Funny you mention Weller. Ray Davies is my musical point of reference and a mentor to him, Blur and severall others in that vain. Not sure I take any fashion from him though, other than a bit of "normal".
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I used to wonder why older people always wore collared shirts and button shirts regardless of the occasion. I realize it's because t-shirts and long sleeve tees just aren't flattering as you get older. When at home, I preferred t-shirts and jeans or shorts and even to go out casually. Now as I get older, I just can't pull it off anymore. As your face ages so does your wardrobe to a certain degree. I saw a 40 year old guy the other day, wearing timbalands and mark ecko It just didn't look right. I don't want to be caught in that kind of situation. Just gradually moving away from trends and going to classic.
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My fashion sense sucks. That's why I am here
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My basic style of suits and bowties haven't changed really since it became a main stay of my daily wardrobe. I have adapted new colors into my style and patterns, also a few accessories along the way but nothing has changed that was drastic.
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