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Up the Yangtze


Jesus Camp

Project Grizzly

Mauvaise Conduite (Improper Conduct)

Festival Express

The Last Waltz

The "UP" documentaries
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The World at War (The best doc of all time?)

The First World War

Civilisation: A Personal View by Kenneth Clark

The Life of Mammals with David Attenborough

Blood on the Snow - a HIGHLY recommended chronicle of the Russo-German conflict in WW2
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Jesus Camp, Word Wars, Word Play, Fall From Grace
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I also recently watched 'Cocaine Cowboys' on the Netflix instant viewing and thought it was good. The point about how modern Miami was built by the drug trade is something that I always wondered about when I visit there.

'Fog of War' had a big impact on me. In parts of the film I wanted to slap the shit out of McNamara, and others I just felt sorry for the guy.
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Festival Express
Watching this right now. Especially impressed with the Grateful Dead and Band sets. Unfortunately, someone left Robbie Robertson's mic on for some of the songs...
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The Corporation Bus 174 Jesus Camp With God on Our Side Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room The High Costs of Low Prices The Real Football Factories (The tv show, not the movie) Grass End of Suburbia Thats all I can think of right now, I went on a huge documentary kick awhile ago... but havent watched any lately
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for my money, moore is more propogandist than filmmaker. the controversy stems from the confusion in some folks mind as to the difference between the two. in other words, i think he is not on a voyage of discovery while doing his films. his mind is made up before he ever turns on the camera. many a recent documentary suffers from this problem.
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I thought When the Levees Broke was pretty moving. Ken Burns' Jazz series was great too.
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Not an aficionado of any sort but I did recently enjoy A State of Mind.
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I am an animal - pretty interesting

Ganja queen- sad sad story

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Ganja queen- sad sad story

Call me nieve, but until the verdict was read, I was 100% certain it wasn't going to go that way.

There is an HBO documentary on On Demand right now called Hard Times and Douglass High- fantastic look at how fucked the education system can be.
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His "Power of Art" series is also outstanding.

This series was excellent and a great intro to art history. I especially enjoyed the segment on JMW Turner.
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I've heard nothing by great things about "Man on Wire." I hope to see it this weekend.
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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post

Find it on Netflix watch it now. Some of the stories will blow your mind. It also jump started me into watching old Miami Vice eps.

also my favorite!
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