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saw this last night. good ish!!
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/8619/snap2011122112h39m45s00.png
relevant to your interests!
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Some good ones I saw recently.





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prob a repost. not bad:

Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?
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Another vote for Dear Zachary. Should be on Netflix.

I think Netflix also still has Art of the Steal available. Interesting story about the Barnes Foundation art collection getting taken over by outside philanthropic groups in Philadelphia.
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"Senna", I knew the ending and still shed a tear.
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Yeah great movie. Saw it in the theater here and was equally moved though I knew the ending and prefered Piquet and Prost
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I'm currently on a nature documentary binge. Finished Planet Earth a few weeks back, now on Life. Simultaneously watch episodes of BBC's Frozen Planet.

And people say government-backed things fail. Pssh.
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Originally Posted by thats.mana View Post

"Senna", I knew the ending and still shed a tear.

Absolutely. Just finished watching it, and it's an outstanding documentary.
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Originally Posted by romafan View Post

Harlan County, USA

Decline of Western Civilization

Brother's Keeper

Gimme Shelter

and many more I can't think of....

Watched this on Netflix. Pretty damn good. A lot of these true crime cases, I always wonder, where they really innocent or was there just no evidence/bad investigation? Not this one. Pretty ****ing sickening that they would go to trial on this case. Definitely one of those "prosecution run a muck" type cases.
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this is marchal.gif - i haven't looked at this thread in 4 or 5 years(? confused.gif) . i click on it this morning and someone is responding to my post.happy.gif..
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