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My favorite film of all time let alone documentaries is "Fast, Cheap, and out of Control." by Errol Morris. go watch it now.
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Originally Posted by brlfvr View Post
Man on Wire

This is a great doc. I watched the whole thing with a smile posted on my face.
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I always enjoyed watching docus on the Third Reich and WWII (while doing other things like posting on a forum - or cutting my toenails)...recently I have noticed a more differentiated, objectivized trend in them insofar as also the equally brutal slaughterings of e.g. the Americans (e.g. the paratroopers in Normandy) are more and more made a topic; before, it was always the SS and the 'bad' Nazis. Time often has this 'balancing' factor...and we can offord to be less agitated by the past when not having been directly involved in it.
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Just saw Helvetica and really enjoyed it.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post
Just saw Helvetica and really enjoyed it.

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I hope to see Restrepo this weekend.

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The Art of Conducting - Great Conductors of the Past.

Unfortunately out of print...
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"Uncle Saddam" this is hilarous
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What a (weirdo) personality.
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When The Leevees Broke by Spike Lee
Roger and Me & Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore.
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The Cosmos series by Carl Sagan.
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^^ good stuff. my favorite would be planet earth hands down. i've just finished watching "the union"; a documentary on weed. and i think it's worth mentioning.
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Streetwise , which is about adolescent street kids in Seattle in the early 80s is one of the best and saddest documentaries I've ever seen. Not available on DVD, but viewable on youtube. My Own Private Idaho stole a scene from it.
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