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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post

Find it on Netflix watch it now. Some of the stories will blow your mind. It also jump started me into watching old Miami Vice eps.

I need to see this. Sounds like my kind of documentary.
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post
Watch standard operating procedure (also by Morris). Great doc on Abu Ghraib.

I'll have to see this one as well
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Ken Burns' "Baseball"
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and that one about the video game competition stand out in the last couple of years.
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I just watched Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World. Really good. Makes me want to spend some time in Antarctica.
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just watched Collapse. It was quite impressive, not as grotesque or amateurish as other documentaries of that kind.
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American Movie and The Devil and Daniel Johnston are a couple of my all time favorites.
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Documentaries about musicians/bands are starting to grow on me. what I've seen recently:
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  • The Thin Blue Line by Erroll Morris
  • Sherman's March by Ross McElwee
  • Jazz on a Summer's Day by Bert Stern
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crazy love
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The Donner Party.
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Originally Posted by haganah View Post

This is just enthralling. In the same vein you should check out Trekkies if you haven't seen it already.

King of Kong is great. Maybe one of the most interesting "bad guys" in documentary history.

My fave of all time, however, is Hoop Dreams. It's long as hell, but it's so damn good.
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Man on Wire
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Originally Posted by romafan View Post
I'm going to try and see Sweetgrass ...
i only wish they had better cameras when filming.
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"The Endurance" a great doc about Ernest Shackelton's expedition to Antarctica. I loved it.
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