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One of my favorite looks on a guy

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What look? What guy? Huh? Picture? Oh, there's a picture of a guy. I see, but I cannot seem to concentrate. I apologize for this post.
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Naughty, naughty.
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shoreman: can't you tell that the buttonholes on that vest are hand-stitched? First-rate work.
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Nice profile pic - which of the million Yahoo profiles did you lift it from? Bradford
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Can retailers keep us posted on whether sales of cream vests increase in the coming days? Thanks in advance.
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I love the pants, the way the fabric rolls, the soft approach to the cut. More men should wear vests, and this one is wonderfully done. I love the rolled up sleeves.
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That's Vuitton, Marc Jacobs' design.
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Trousers drape poorly. Shirt collar and shirt collar/vest lapel lines are awful. Nicely tied tie in the wrong place. Short sleeves, or rolled up sleeves? Just yuck. What's up with the armband? I suppose you've figured out my opinion. It's not sprezzatura; it's drunken Gatsby. Regards, Huntsman
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Chill Fellahs...Its probably yet another form of Marc Greyson... Seriousely, is that Avatar really necessary? JJF
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finally a member whose likes and dislikes we'll listen to
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"Is this avatar really necessary?" YES, please. I actually just double clicked on them -- it, I mean -- to see if the avatar would expand so I could take a closer look. (It doesn't, unfortunately.) Oh, and the "look"? It's OK. I've got two vests -- both are more outdoorsy and, in any case, I never wear them. Vests just seem to be hard to pull off, for me anyway.
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Not that I'm not skeptical of the avatar, I just responded to it on a "gut" level. On the look, I share Huntsman's take.
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2 more comments...avatar really reminds me of J Lo and outfit of something form International Male catalogue (albeit more expensive looking)
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Who cares about the stupid avatar. If Alexis is for real, gets offended, and leaves, you guys have really fucked it up for everyone else. Otherwise, the question is pretty legit. Just respond to that. Personally, I wouldn't do the vest, although the pants intrigue me. I hope that if my fiancee, or Foxx's wife/girlfriend, or Jill posts here, and uses their real pictures in their avatar, you guys would show a little more restraint. Geez.
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