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Just jumping in here since I found this thread via a Google search and just went through the process of buying an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman and then turning around and selling it and getting an Ekornes Stressless recliner instead.

My observations are as follows:

-The Eames looks tops and very stylish and a real conversation piece.

-If you are relatively short, it's more comfy than if you are fairly tall (say 5' 8" and over). I'm 5' 10.5" and was not comfortable in the Eames at all. It does not support your head at all unless you scoot way forward and lean back but then your lower back is not at all supported. If you are a fairly short person, this problem is largely diminished.
-Since the Eames does not recline, it's more of a socializing chair rather than a movie/TV watching or relaxing chair. It's perfect for sitting and chatting with friends and family or perhaps reading the paper but gets downright un-comfy after a while reading a novel or watching a movie.

So I ended up with the Ekorness Stressless Taurus model in black leather. It's very similar to their top of the line Jazz model, but $1000. less. I was actually originally considering the Jazz, but the styling of that one is more over the top and makes a statement whereas the Taurus is more understated.

The Ekornes styling is certainly not as classic as the Eames for sure, but it's a lot more functional and comfy all the way around. I feel great when I sit in the Stressless and can easily take nap in it in total comfort with it reclined all the way and the headrest in the flat sleep position. The fact that the headrest adjusts up and down is a plus for me too.

In closing, I would say if you are primarily into looks, go with the Eames. There's no denying it's a classic. If comfort is important to you though, I don't think the Ekornes recliners are matched by much else.