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appropriateness of outfit/IB dresscode

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I am meeting up with a VP at a well-known IB in NYC on Friday and I was wondering what to wear. It's not a formal interview, just a way to touch base with a possible employer. I have some tweed pants and a black sweater that look nice alright but I had no idea what to wear on top. I have a black velvet blazer? Is that daytime attire at all? I am tempted not to think so. I don't want to attract attention, just want to somewhat fit in.thanks.
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Wear a suit, a pocket square, and be done with it.
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suit, suit, suit
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Velvet is a great way to guarantee yourself a lot of free time in the future. Dark (wool) suit.
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I would recommend wearing a suit and tie in conservative color/patterns, perhaps a navy suit, white shirt, blue tie.
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Manton, that cracked me up. Your comment made me laugh out loud. You're exactly right.
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If you are visiting our Firm, I would recommend dark suit,white or blue shirt, tie and dress laced shoes. Good luck.
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What do you guys think for this type of meeting -- carry a briefcase, or just a nice leather portfolio?
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A portfolio is fine.  Just bring some resumes printed on nice paper.  There are few things more embarassing than going to a job interview or a meet and greet with a potential employer, being asked for a resume, and having to say, "Uh, yes, well, uh, I left them on the train."
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would a light wool black suit be out of place with a conservative shirt and tie be out of place?
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I'm in the minority on this one, but I would stay away from black. Personally, I don't like black suits at all. I certainly don't think they are right for job interviews. You want something more conservative. Dark blue or grey.
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This is what I recommend.  Blind them with your brilliance or at least your outfit. - brlliant suit. Other option is: Unforgetable suit Good luck
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i shall follow Oscar's advice. It is the most sensible so far.
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Thank you to all the ones who responded and made me see the light. I wore a suit, a white shirt and a conservative tie and I cannot imagine how would have I felt had I not. I may have seen maybe 200 employees and they all wore suits on a late friday afternoon. Being properly attired was expected and appreciated by my contact even though it was a simple meeting. Now, I need to learn how to make better tie
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