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What the hell does "kick around town mean?

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Cole Haan "Tucker" Catalog Number 56-37-244 Kick around town in this modern variation of a classic soccer shoe. Waxy leather and suede upper; Vibram® outsole adds durability and flexible comfort. In iceberg/brown (shown) or black/brown. Sizes 8D-12D (including half sizes), 13D. Imported.
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well, it says classic soccer shoe, and soccer involves kicking a ball... i think its just gimmick to emphasize the soccer thing. think: "kick around the town. have some fun. these shoes are so comfortable." that kind of thing....
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The way I go around town is by car.  I don't understand this kicking around town, this casual ease, these images of mixing it up with beer bottles and guys and standing up out of your bar chair when there's a grand slam on the TV.  And these stupid shoes.
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johnapril, Not a baseball fan, I gather. I hope that you at least enjoy watching some hoops, being from Indiana and all. The shoes are, on the other hand, extremely ugly. The Cole-Haan/Nike Air thing has been, imo, responsible for some of the ugliest, nastiest shoes spawned in the last couple of years. Other culprits include Steve Madden (keep 'im in jail) and Kenneth Cole.
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"Iceberg brown" may be the most preposterous name for a color that I have ever seen.
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I would imagine that the pants of the captain of the Titanic turned "iceberg brown". Sorry. Couldn't resist. It does remind me that I wouldn't be caught dead in those shoes.
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Iceberg/brown refers to two different colors. The iceberg is slate bluish - which makes some sense. There is an error on the page in that the shoe shown is not in iceberg and brown, but black and brown. This does not in any way affect the truth, that it's an ugly pair of kicks.
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