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Originally Posted by Concordia View Post

It's darker IRL than tha pic.

Ah. Veering toward the charcoal shades, then.

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You can get darker Oxford greys, but this is definitely in that bucket.
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Lighter than navy dupioni, single width - supposedly by Loro Piana.

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For the New Yorkers, how do you feel about Tip Top as a source? 

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If you are using a relatively expensive tailor, Tip Top is best if you know what you are doing (eg Manton). If you are making up something relatively cheap, Tip Top is a reasonable option. It is kind of a hassle to get to.
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My favorite jacket, a beautiful brown/ green wool silk blend is from Tip Top. I also talked a friend into his first custom jacket out of their jacketing book. Very pleased with both fabrics. Havent been to the store personally but would love to wander in.

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I really like Tip Top. Prices aren't listed, so you absolutely need to know what you're doing. There are some insane deals to be had on end of bolt cloth.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

A customer sent me this terrific cotton fabric for a sportcoat. I've never heard of the brand, don't think they are a mill but could be. Name is Eurotex, they are in Italy and they call this "silky cotton", which is a pretty apt description. Feels and drapes like a lightweight supers wool, really nice. Reaching out to them to see if they can send me some books but they obviously also sell retail:

In the funding process:




Next up is this tobacco super fine twill cotton:

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Did you hear back from Eurotex?

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Does anyone have a "light" Navy or just-less-than-navy Birdseye that they love/recommend?  I am hoping for a mid-weight, something I'll realistically wear a lot in the Fall and Spring, but likely not as much in the heart on NYC winter or summer.  I run pretty hot.  Thanks in advance.

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I think all the big - or at least good - names have a nice blue birdseye in 10-11 oz. Lesser, Harrisons, Smiths.
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birdseye sucks
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But women like that.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

birdseye sucks

Technically or aesthetically?
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