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Concern trolls are concerned.

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If Six is happy with his jacket then let him be.
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Criticism isn't trolling and no one is attacking six. People assume that if you post a picture you want feedback, even if it's not always positive. Amazing to see people get so bent out of shape up over the inference that a jacket could use a little work.
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Yeah I'm confused here, I understand it's not the fit thread, but this is educational. I don't think anyone is trying to put anyone else down. In my mind, you post a pic, you open yourself up to comments (both positive and negative). And just because a comment is "negative" it doesn't mean it's not constructive.

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Just for reference, back when it wasn't such a big deal. A great thread.
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K Six.

Appreciate the thoughts on the issue from Greg and agjiffy. Good read for me.
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Originally Posted by Concordia View Post

Very urbane and civilized. Hard, fairly dry, and generally smooth finish. Rather like Lesser 13oz, only lighter and more flexible.
I agree with this assessment. It is a good comp to Lessers 13 oz.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Not sure why the hostile tone? I noticed your tone has taken a turn to the snarky bitterness for a few months. I miss the old, better-natured EliodA


I miss him too. Unfortunately, the fact that criticism on SF is more and more being dismissed as uncalled for or besides the point, or as in this case, even being compared to trolling, has made the good-natured EliodA take a back seat for the moment.


Sorry, don't want to disrupt this thread any further (Click to show)
It's especially the recurring pattern in which this happens that is becoming very tedious and annoying:
1. Someone posts a pic of an outfit.
2. Another poster notes some possible flaws or areas that may need improvement
3. Immediately, an apologist (seldomly the OP) jumps in by defending the OP. In almost 100% of the cases not by refuting the points of criticism, but by ad hominem jibes like casting doubts on the criticasters' ability to judge, or -as here- by even telling him to GTFU and post his criticisms elsewhere
4. Then in most cases, more people get involved and a (heated) discussion follows about technicalities which in most cases carefully steers clear of the most salient points of the original criticism, ending with the old cliche that you can only learn so much from a pic online and that every judgment should be taken with a grain of salt. (Why is it the opposite never happens? When someone posts a pic of a perfectly fitting suit, do we ever get a reply "well, maybe this fit isn't good at all, it's merely an online pic, so what can you say"?)

When I joined SF I came here to learn from people with a lot of experience and whose style I admired - such as yourself- , sharing their knowledge. Most of what I learned was by reading critical posts and the replies to those criticisms. If that aspect of the forum is being taken away, and it looks like that more and more, then yes, it probably does affect my positive attitude to the forum.

Only a few days ago, there was a discussion on WAYWRN where a few new posters were lamenting the lack of constructive criticism. Turns out many older posters refrain from offering their criticisms because they usually are so ill received. So those posters prefer to remain silent and opportunities for newcomers to learn are missed. I think that is sad.


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Criticism is fine but there's no need for dismissive snarky comments. Criticism loses all its value when accompanied by a nasty tone. I was actually trying to explain something that's seldom discussed on SF - and your conclusion was "you make it sound as if every issue will magically disappear over time." Completely unnecessary mischaracterization of what I said. So do you actually really want the kind of "discussion" that you say you miss (I.e. a two way conversation) or are you simply happy with sniping shots for the peanut gallery (here and elsewhere)? I have no problem with criticism and discussion. I feel though, that my (informed) opinion is now summarily dismissed by some because I also have commercial interests here. I'm happy to keep providing information on what I see - again, beside the actual tailors here, guys like incontro, yfyf and I probably attend more bespoke fittings in a year than anyone here in a lifetime. We can tell you what we see and how a tailor resolves a fit issue or a quirk. It can be ignored or called "wrong" or it can be considered in the discussion. But the bitter tone and sniping is IMO better reserved for other forums where it is a trademark.
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Well, I certainly hope both @EliodA and @gdl203 keep posting here. I learn a lot from both of you.

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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post

Well, I certainly hope both @EliodA
 and @gdl203
 keep posting here. I learn a lot from both of you.

Same here. Funny story, well to me at least:

After joining I saw a post EliodA made and took notice of his avatar. I thought, "What a wonderful outfit, I hope I see the full picture sometime," not being aware it was a crop of the cover of "The Great Beauty" DVD cover. A few days later I was looking through the Criterion Collection in a bookstore, and thought, "Wait a minute....."

Still need to pick up that movie. I'm waiting to put in a big order and need a payment to come in later this month.
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Maybe Harrison's will bring back the Lesser 9.5/10 panama. I hope so.

I'd also welcome an 8/9 oz. worsted hopsack suiting cloth.
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Originally Posted by Knox View Post

Maybe Harrison's will bring back the Lesser 9.5/10 panama. I hope so.

I'd also welcome an 8/9 oz. worsted hopsack suiting cloth.

I'd like to see the entire "formalwear" section (as it was named on Merino Bros)...some of those mohair blends were stunning.
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