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Originally Posted by lordsuperb View Post


I like it.
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Going to go with for a sportcoat instead.


I don't really like houndstooth that much usually but I saw this image and feel somewhat drawn to it, and wanted something similar.


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^ Seems like a suiting cloth to me.
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You think it would be inappropriate? It's just I was ordering a bunch for suits and thought I'd tack it on, and it's a lot cheaper than other alternatives. I'm not sure what books to look at for SCs actually since I've mostly been getting suits made.

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That made-up coat looks quite a bit darker than the cream/brown swatch.

Both look like suiting to me as well. The scale of the mini-houndstooth feels a bit small for a sport coat project. Ok for a blazersuit though
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Yeah I do want it closer to the color of the picture, but I thought it's okay anyway. Any books you'd recommend me to look at? I've mostly browsed Harrisons and Dugdale. Perhaps I'll just pick something at the tailor instead of CMT.


Actually the harrisons website don't show prices do they? Anyway I can get an approximate price? I know I can get their stuff in HK.

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Marling and Evans have a few nice houndstooth jacketings.
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They do look quite nice, but do they have prices online? I'm leaving soon and don't have the chance to really shop around. The ability to look up the prices online is strangely enough a pretty big reason why I've been mostly looking at dugdale.

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Try contacting Merino Bros for prices on Harrisons

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I have a black and white houndstooth odd jacket made from a Bower Roebuck worsted cashmere fabric. Loved the swatch and thought it looked absolutely stunning, but it just isn't quite right for an odd jacket. Scale is maybe a tiny bit larger than yours. I do wear it from time to time but it is not nearly as useful as I hoped for. Sometimes the transition from swatch to jacket doesn't go smoothly. Picture of the fabric is below.

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I guess I'm weird to think this but I actually kind of prefer smaller scale for houndstooth in general larger ones when you can make up the shape well looks really weird to me, but probably I should just not get in in houndstooth.


Do you know how much the harrison's moonbeam book usually go for per meter? Some of the prices I've come across makes me think they're generally quite a bit more expensive than dugdale.

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Is this a hopsack?

How do you all feel about a sportcoat done in grey hopsack?

This one is by Caruso. Great quality and cut. Soft shoulders w/ path pockets and a 3-roll-2 stance

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I think it's acceptable, but low on anyone's priority list.

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Originally Posted by GucciKid View Post

Can anyone comment on Harrison's Moonbeam? Does it wear warmer than its weight? How does it drape?

I really like the hand and patterns but am a bit concerned about durability.

It definitely wears warmer than its weight. I wear it end of autumn thru early spring. I think it drapes well, but it is a soft fabric. It is no tweed. That said, my jacket is beautiful and holds its tailoring and has been wearing very well.
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After wandering into the office of Hong Kong's wholesaler for Thomas Mason at lunchtime I now find myself the proud owner of five 2.3 yard x 59" lengths of shirting fabric - three cotton on the bottom row and two linen on the top.  The cream is actually cream, not a bilious yellow - I checked. 






They're nothing too fancy in terms of thread counts but at a cost of about $20 US per yard for cotton and $28 US for the linen it seemed like good value to take forward for CMT somewhere in HK.


I was wondering whether to throw each length into the washing machine but I see from page 406 of this thread that that might involve some risk to the useability of the cloth and/or more ironing than I am prepared to contemplate, (unless I take them to be cleaned as bedlinen perhaps).  Rather than let my shirtmaker just guess at shrinkage allowance though I'd like to ask:


Does anyone have experience of the shrinkage factor of Thomas Mason shirting in the cheaper cottons or in linen that they can kindly share?


Also, gosh but isn't 2.3 yards at 59" a lot of cloth for a shirt? The bed in this photo is 180cm by 200cm...


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