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Originally Posted by DarkNWorn View Post
Here's my beef with the "sport" attribute in SUVs: why would you want to have your SUV handle like a sports car? You buy an SUV for three primary reasons: interior room, higher seating position, and AWD. An SUV will never handle as good as a sports car, and paying for such a thing is like trying to paint an apple orange to turn it into an orange. It may look like one, but it will never be like one. My general feeling about this is that you should get a real sports car, albeit something lesser than a Porsche if you can't yet afford one; then buy a cheap, but proper SUV, e.g. Jeep Grand Cherokee. You can both afford a nice sports car and a nice SUV, then get both. Buying a "sport" SUV is a waste of money, IMO, because you're paying for a feature that's incongruous with the rest of the car.

Notice we did not pick the Porsche, even though it had the sportier steering input. I agree, an SUV is never going to handle like a sports car and you nailed the three main reasons to get one. You left out the most important reason in my case though: it's what my wife wanted

We do have a "proper" SUV too, my Lexus LX (that's the one based on the Land Cruise frame). I'm never gonna take it rock hopping, for obvious reasons, but I'll put it up against a Grand Cherokee in rains, snow, mud, etc. I'm looking forward to driving the new LX too, with that sweet new engine from the Tundra.

Back to the OP, as Leather Soul pointed out, you did mention a price point. Why not check out an 08 Infiniti FX? As a model change is due in 09, I bet you could get one helluva good price on one of those right now and get a full factory warranty.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
Didn't Porsche take a year off making Cayennes too? I seem to remember something about that while we were test driving. We really wanted to like the Porsche but were deeply disappointed. I would even put the Infiniti FX 45 over the Cayenne, given the combination of new technology the Porsche lacked and that the FX 45 with the sport package is really quite a nice handling vehicle. And way, way cheaper, and unless you're net worth is measured in 10's of millions, always a good idea not to toss money around when you are not getting value for it other than a name plate.

Also the FX is fucking gorgeous.
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Originally Posted by James Bond View Post
Also the FX is fucking gorgeous.
Infiniti makes great vehicles and can be bought at reasonable prices compared to many other makes.
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I thank everyones input. One thing im not a dad an nowhere close to looking like a soccer dad. Two is that I honestly dont like the drive on the ml350 and I am sure that the ml 550 is a much better drive but I want to get away from the ml period. The only ml I would consider is a ml63 amg and if I was going to spend that type of $ I would go elsewhere with my car options. I am not just stuck on a 2005 cayenne S I may also conside an 06 its just that I personally like the previous body better then the new one with the face lift and other modifications. If a good deap pops up I may even consider a cayenne turbo. I am just against buying brand new cars because its a drastic waste of money if you buy even a few months old with some milage you are saving quite a penny! Previous to this car I had a bmw x5 and I loved the drive. Sadly I do not like the new body shape of the x5 either because of the plastic bottom and I am not planning to wait around until they change that at make it the same material as the rest of the car although then it will look sweeeeet. There is something about the Cayenne that just pushes my buttons. The main reason I asked about the cost of maintaining the vechile is because I have heard mixed comments about how super expensive it is to maintain this car but from what people with this car have been messaging me it seems that it is not that much more expensive then my previous vechiles.
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But the Cayenne is just so ugly! Why? Get a Boxter and an MPV.
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I'm assuming that the Cayenne can't be that much more expensive to maintain than a Mercedes because I see both at the grocery store all the time. But I have to agree that the Infiniti FX is gorgeous.
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Originally Posted by culverwood View Post
But the Cayenne is just so ugly! Why? Get a Boxter and an MPV.

I think the cayenne is very nice and personally I dont like the boxter and I love a roomy car and one thats not useless in the snow. The boxter is a good car but not what I am looking for.
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Consider an extended warranty is the price is reasonable.... but if you're that concerned with maintenance/repair costs you're buying from the wrong continent.
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I just had the 40K service done on my Cayenne S including brakes and rotors and it was about $1,500.

Next up will be a new set of tires, I get about 12,000 miles per set and that is around $1,600.

Mine is a 2004 and I still LOVE it.
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Originally Posted by Serg View Post
wait for bmw x6

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BMW X6 looks sick. The infinti FX 35/45 is currently my favorite suv
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X6 is grocery getter (with no trunk space). I don't see the point.
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I don't like BMW's new direction for its SUVs. They all look neutered.
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In my opinion they are Pure Sex...
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