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Hair wax

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I usually don't use product to do my hair, but I was considering starting. I've only had one experience with hair wax and it was pretty disastrous. I was wondering if anyone knows an easy way to remove hair wax from hair?
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Shampoo is generally the only way to remove oil-based wax. You can try a water-based one; you might be able to get that out without shampooing.
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Use a water-based wax. Oil will kill your hair. However, I used to be addicted to Murray's hair pomade (before I knew better). It would never come out, even with repeated washings. Then I learned a trick - put the shampoo in your hair before you wet your hair. Essentially, your hair is covered with wax, so the water (and anything else that mixes with it, like shampoo) just beads up and runs off. Try it - then buy Sumo Wax.
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Another trick for Murray's and other hard to remove pomades is to use a little bit of dishwashing liquid. It'll strip away all the oil from your hair, so make sure you have a good conditioner.
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Can you recommend a (really) good conditioner? Is it possible to buy one at a place that isn't a salon, like Target or a grocery store?
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Gregokay, there are a bazillion good conditioners on the market. Most of them vary little - there simply are not that many different ingredients for formulators to use. What is your hair like, and what sort of conditioners have you already tried? Of course you can find good options at stores like Target. The same large corporations (Proctor & Gamble, L'Oreal Corporation, etc.) own most brands, both expensive and inexpensive, and the ingredient lists among their various products are remarkably similar, regardless of price.
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