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Wow... if I had an extra $1600... (44L)

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That's one ugly get up.
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That button stance looks pretty low, doesn't it? I wonder how old the suit is. In any case, I think paying $1,250 for a used suit is a bit ridiculous.
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Not sure I want a suit from an "infamous" maker.  What does that even mean?
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For that much money, I would like some better pictures.
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beware. it looks like crap
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for that money, I would get brand new Attolini or Borelli
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that seller needs to revamp his layout... absolutely terrible IMO.
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As I mentioned in the other thread, I don't differentiate mint and NWT clothing at all, as it's likely that suits have been worn or tried on 20-30 times especially at places with a liberal return policy. I purchase clothing of this type knowing that someone has likely worn it unless it is MTM, custom, or bespoke. Personally I think this suit looks spectacular but obviously some people disagree.
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I think it's decent, but wayyy too much money.
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WOW... Take it easy guys... bigbadbuff I would be glad to take any advice you have for my layout. What would you suggest? Since the original retail of the item offerred here was in excess of 15k I think the asking price was very reasonable. I have sold three others for the same and the new owners were ecstatic... You guys can be brutal. Cut me a little slack. I am trying hard...
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