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Shoes in Buenos aires

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Dear Friends: I am kind of new in the forum, but i am a shoe enthusiast. I own over 20 pairs of hand made English style shoes, oxfords and Derbys. In a trip to Argentina, two years ago, i found a store (lopez taibo), that had beautiful had made shoes for 500 pesos (190$). I do not know if any of you guys knows these shoes (lopeztaibo.com.ar). please take a look and let me know. i also have Afred SAtgents, and I am looking to buy a pair or two of Churches. i found a place in NYC that sells the chetwynds at 480, with shoe trees and free shiping (citishoes in nwc). i am sure that if i insist, i can get the shoe bags. I am open to ideas, suggestions and new stores to buy from.
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Next, he enthusiastically indulged his sartorial sweet tooth: I found shirts, in colors and patterns I had been searching for in vain in N.Y. for years. English and French cloth, everything from abroad, and ties the like of which are not to be seen at home anywhere. Not loud, but gay and brilliant in the conservative way I love, with life and such beautiful colors, and shades of colors. I went mad, nuts, and out of my mind, and immediately bought a whole pile of stuff. The highest price shirt, which is good for five years, costs two dollars more than the junk they palm off for seven dollars and fifty cents at Finchley's. Their things are good for a few months. Well, I also bought a pair of the most gorgeous brown shoes (dark Sienna) you ever laid an eye on, at one of the most famous shoe houses in the world. A little old man called Yanarelli has a staff of workers who make these shoes by hand, every stitch. In New York this would cost fifty dollars to seventy-five dollars a pair. Here one hundred pesos or twenty-five dollars.. These happened to fit me, as they were models that were on sale, so I was lucky to get a pair. All of their shoes, however, are made to order, so I was fitted for a pair of black patent leather, which I need very badly. They will be ready next week (imagine.) and I can't wait to show them to you...I wanted to get a pair of gorgeous dark grey suede shoes, but decided that in America they would be regarded with spectacular skepticism. What a shade of grey, though...I have never seen such beautiful things. Excerpt from my doctoral document about the American pianist William Kapell. This is a letter he wrote regarding his first tour of South America. I was immediately drawn to it, and was happy to be able to include it in my paper. koji
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Never heard of them and your link doesn't work. Where are they located in BsAs? I'm taking my own vacation there this winter and would love to check them out. Given my short time in the city (about a week), I shan't have time to check out the local tailoring deals. Plus, my Spanish is less than fluent.
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This is from a recent posting on the travelforum.com: "The only places that I know by name are the two that I mentioned: Pullman, in the Galerías Pacífico on Florida street, and Lopez Taibo, at the intersection of the Avenida Alvear and Ayacucho street, in the Recoleta neighborhood (at that time, a couple of years ago, Lopez Taibo also had another location, but I don't remember where it was)." "I would say that the shoes I saw at Lopez Taibo were comparable with such U.S. brands as Allen-Edmonds, Johnston & Murphy, and E. T. Wright, but handmade and less costly. I don't know if they make dancing shoes, but it might be worth visiting them to find out."
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The website is www.lopeztaibo.com
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Welcome to the board chapunso. Church is obviously a very well-known make but my (inextensive) experience with my Church shoes has been disappointing. I think at least a few board members also have had some negative comments. Do a search on the archives of this board and I am sure you will find many hits. For about the same money, there are better options. Add some more money and I can get a pair of Edward Green - a much better shoe in many board members' opinion.
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