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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post
I just had a seller ask me to pay an extra $2 to cover Paypal fees. Is that allowed?

No it's not allowed. Even if it was in the item description (which wouldn't be allowed either)
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post
I just had a seller ask me to pay an extra $2 to cover Paypal fees. Is that allowed?

It is actually illegal, and in violation of both ebay and paypal user agreements.
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It's something that he ought to have figured into shipping and handling charges when he listed. Or he could choose not to accept Paypal when he lists.
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what you can say is state the paypal price but then list a 'discounted' price for check/mo payments thereafter.

same thing, you are charging slightly higher for paypal but worded it in reverse.

dont say:"10 dollars , but please add 2 dollars extra if you use paypal"

say: " 12 dollars for paypal.. if you pay by check/mo , discount price of 10 dollars"
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I bet that would get you in trouble too. But you could probably add it into the S/H/I, not mention paypal at all, and offer a discount for checks/money orders, that would probably be ok.
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Originally Posted by A Harris View Post
I and offer a discount for checks/money orders, that would probably be ok.

yes, that was what i did above.
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Originally Posted by shoesperfect View Post
oops my bad
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Ebay Seller NITR-O

For those that don't want to read all of this here is a summary.

NITR-O is hands down one of the best Ebay sellers there are for high end tailored clothing!!

About the seller:

NITR-O sells high end mens clothing mostly from Isaia. He has been doing business for many years, although I have only been dealing with him for 2.

I wan to say that Pete (NITR-O) is a top quality seller. Below I will list the numerous reasons why.

I have bought 5 items now from Pete. On every occasion he has been prompt, professional and courtesy. The products he offered were brand new, packaged nicely and shipped quickly.

There have been some people here that have mentioned that Pete was difficult to deal with, this was NOT my experience at all. Out of the 5 items I had either a special request or questions before and or after I purchased. For example:

1-I purchased a Tuxedo and needed overnight shipping but he was going to be away on vacation. He made sure he communicated with someone to get my item out on time despite him being away from his business and that fact was listed in his ebay auctions.

2- I had a question about the fit of a Gianluca for Paul Stuart suit. I must have sent him 4 emails and he answered every one professionally and promplty. One even included a request for a lower price and he was always professional and gracious. I wound up never purchasing this item but did purchase more items since then.

3- This was the most impressive customer service I have ever received from anyone. I had a question about a product I had purchased from him. The label looked suspicious as the stitching was removed and it looked like the label had been replaced. Of course this could have easily been done by the factory but I sent him a question to make sure. Some sellers may take offense to this (I have had this experience) but Pete went ABOVE and BEYOND to ensure I was comfortable with his answers. I had thought ti was a Gianluca label that had been replaced with an Isaia one. I never doubted Pete because this was the 4th item I got from him and he only sells authenticate brand new Isaia. However if you have seen both inner tags (Gianluca and Isaia) they are very similar. The tag on the inside of the coat not the product tag in the pocket looked like stitching was removed and it was the same size as a Gianluca label and then the smaller Isaia label was added later. It was an overcoat so it is not as easy to identify something like this as it would be for a suit. The reasons for swapping Gianluca for Isaia labels are obvious but I never doubted Pete just wanted some explanation. I was completely satisfied after his initial response but he gave me much more in a follow up email. He explained how to tell the difference in the labels, how to read the fabric and color codes, how to identify the Isaia product codes ect. This was clearly someone who cared about his customer and my satisfaction.

After this I bought another Overcaot from Pete. A stunning Navy Blue Herringbone that is on STP right now for 899. Even with the 20-30% Pete beat the price. The overcoat is just AWSOME, I will post pictures later. Carlos Barbera fabric, handwork ect ect.


Top notch. Not much more to say. Has many current season offerings from Isaia including, but not limited to Sportcoats, Suits, Outerwear, Pants, Shirts, Ties ect ect. His prices are very competitive and the items are all brand new with NO flaws at all. Isaia is one of the best brands for price/quality ratio and Pete makes it even better with 40-70% off retail.


Shipping is very fast and see above for customer service. NITR-O is the best!!


Some people complain about his graphics and even go as far as avoiding his store altogether for it. I am inclined to let people stay away so there are more items for me but that would not be fair to Pete.

Here is my take on the layout. The graphic icon is easily removed by clicking on button. The store is set up in an easy to navigate fashion. You can look for overcoats, suits, pants, sportcoats in your size range, what else do you need? I think NITR-O has one of the best store layouts on ebay.

So in conclusion RUN don't walk but RUN (figuratively speaking of course) to his store and get yourself a nice Topcoat before they are all gone. You will be happy you did, trust me.
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Originally Posted by amerikajinda View Post

oh good, quote the spam so that it doesn't get deleted.....
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Originally Posted by NoVaguy View Post
oh good, quote the spam so that it doesn't get deleted.....

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Originally Posted by cpadude View Post
Does anyone have any experience buying from "Nitr-o Sartorial Fashions" on eBay? He has some interesting items advertised for decent prices. His whole eBay store page design and color seem a bit odd for someone selling fine clothing. The garish colors and name "Nitr-o" make me think more funny cars than fine clothes. I won't hold his bad web page design against him if anyone has had some positive experiences with him.

I have been meaning to address the/my name Nitr-o for quite some time:

When I was in my late teens/early twenties I swung a wrench (mechanic) for a living. At that time I had a 65 Pontiac GTO with Nitrous Oxide. So my employer started calling me Nitro. Then all of my friends did as well. Nitro sort of ended up being my nick name. When I created my Ebay account (before I started selling clothing) I just used nitr-o, and stuck with it.. Granted it has absolutley NOTHING to do with clothing. But if I had a normal boring name, there would be less talk about me here in SF. So, in this way I guess it works, and you're less likely to forget the name "nitr-o"

OK, let the new jokes begin.. lol
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How about "Isaia Nitr-o" as a store name? I like it
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His name could be anything and I would still buy from Pete. Also if his website caused seizures and possible loss of eyesight I again would still buy from him. I really and truly mean it when I say Pete is an absolute pleasure to deal with and his products speak for themselves.
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Self Delete
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Ebay seller lordrcolton continually overhypes and downright lies in his auctions. Particularly about fabric content (he says the fabrics are super 110s, 120s, whatever, when there is no proof that it is), and he is one of many that quotes absurd MSRPs. And finally, he is the type of seller that sells almost everything as NWOT and as "2007 Models", when clearly the items are not. See this discussion in AAAC When I Emailed him with my concerns, he basically said that even though he is lying, his buyers are still getting good deals. I would definitely steer clear of this seller. Here's his profile with 80 Negatives and Neutrals. Enough said!
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