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How dangerous is it to ride a motorcycle?

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It's so much damn fun, but an ex girlfriend of mine is trying to scare the crap out of me. I've never seen data on it, probably because I can't handle the truth.
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when I was younger, I really wanted a motorcyle. I rode one a few times, and it was a huge blast. then I had a friend, who was one of the most competant people I knew with physical activities and very cool headed, get into an acident that put him in the hospital for about 6 months and left him mildly handicapped. he had been doing everything right, but a car had tapped him and pushed him over. nothing that he could have controled

and that convinced me not to do it.

the big problem is that you have no control over what will cause the problem, the cars do.

that said - hey, you don't have any responsiblities yet, do you? so, if you get squished under a truck, who is really going to care. live a little.
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Instead of a bike, I'd rather have this:

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as a pre-med student, i worked in UMD shock trauma center about every other day, we would have someone come in who was in a motorcycle accident. they would come in really messed up, with massive internal injuries.

i specifically remember one guy who flipped over his motorcylce and basically did cartwheels for 20 feet and broke both arms and legs.
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in the city where I live.....very. I would love to get a bike but I am certain I would get hit within weeks, with all the loonies that drive like they are in downtown Shanghai

When we were in Paris last month, our first day we were walking around the area our hotel was in and we actually saw a guy on motorbike get hit by a car. Fortunately he was ok as he got up and walked over to the car to yell at him, but it was pretty crazy cuz he got hit fairly hard and flew off the bike
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I was all ready to get a motorcycle as soon as I moved out of my parents' house (they took the hard line, "As long as you live under our roof" stance on that one), until one of my best friends got in an accident on the freeway, through no fault of his own. He survived, but one of his legs was almost completely shattered--he had metal sticking out of his leg for months and months afterward, and never lost the limp.

Not gonna lie, though, I still think about getting one. If/when I move out of the city, I still might.
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Is not the rider's proximity to death the thrill of riding a motorcycle?
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I love motorcycles and have a girl friend who rides every weekend. She rides with a group. If I $$ to blow, I"ll get a Ducati. What's holding me back is a childhood memory of a man crawling on his side to the side of the road, with one leg and motorcycle left behind.
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Generally, I could care less about motorbikes. But I saw a vintage BMW one on the streets of DC a few months ago and I'm bent on getting one someday
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you make it as dangerous as you want it to be. I am safer on the track than the street. best thing ever, i rarely ride the streets anymore though just club racing.
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Get one, so you can be like Charlie Sheen in Wall Street.
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Back when I was 14 I went trials/dirtbiking in the bush with a friend. I did not see a rock when going up the side of a hill and was thrown off the bike. Landed on my right forearm on a rock and broke it, rolled down the hill and landed on the broken arm again, which pushed the broken bone thru the skin. My friend had to go ride out and get help, which took about an hour. The only thing that got me through the pain was some weed.

No I was not doped out when we were riding.
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I'd love to ride a motorcycle, but I've seen 2 motorcycle accidents right here in my home when I was smoking in the balcony. They both smashed onto the railing at a turn just below my apartment, oh and one of them was a cop too. I think there were no serious injuries in both accidents, maybe you should get a bike.
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blah, take a safety course. every motorcycle accident that has ever happened is and always will be the riders fault.
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You must absolutely wear a helmet at all times - even if you live in a state that does not require it. I was in a very low-speed accident (long story, and my fault), and I could not imagine what it would have been like without something to protect my head.

You break a leg, you get laid up in a cast for awhile. You break your skull, you die.
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