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Loake shoes on eBay Australia

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G'day all,
I know next to nothing about expensive shoes, but I know many of you are enamoured with Loake.

My fellow Australians have mentioned the dearth of quality available on our shores, but maybe this will cheer up a local with UK size 8 feet.


I'm not the seller, just someone who spotted it, and thought it could use a mention here.

Good luck.
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I am writing to warn people about buying Loake shoes. I bought a pair of Loake "Suffolk" approximately 6 months ago.Which I payed to have shipped to Australia. At first I was happy with the shoes, They appeared to be well made judging by the components of the shoes that I could see. The shoes have not even been worn weekly and the inner sole has collapsed into hollow cells in the outer sole rendering them unable to be worn. I wrote to Loake about it and the response I received was that to have the problem addressed by Loake I was required to pay to have the shoes shipped back to the uk and they would decide if there was anything wrong. The tone of the response was arrogant and totally unhelpful. If you seek quality, I would not recommend these shoes. They are mutton dressed as lamb and their customer service is abysmal. I am in business and if a mistake is made, I pay the full cost of rectifying the situation. Which is an ethical way to operate.
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