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Montalvo custom shirts?

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Does anyone have experience with Montalvo, which has shops in Santa Monica and San Francisco? I stopped by their shop in Santa Monica today because Mr. Glasgow of George Cleverly was there to take (and deliver) orders for shoes. The owner of the shop, Mr. Astanboos, tried to interest me in some custom shirts. Can anyone recommend him?
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I think that Montalvo/Estanboos took over Joseph Rudee shirtmakers, but know nothing else of his firm.
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Where abouts in San Francisco does Montalvo have a shop? I have never heard of him. Do you know how much his custom shirts run? Is there a minimum order?
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they have a website though i don't recall the address. the santa monica shop is in a pretty high rent district on montana ave. i've passed by but haven't had the pleasure of going inside. my inderstanding is that astanboos is a shirtmaker and montalvo is a tailor. i've spoken to them on the phone and they told me their suits range from $1700-$2000, depending on fabric--a pretty small price range. i think there is a minimum order of 4 shirts.
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Pink22m: I didn't think to ask the price of the shirts--I first wanted to know if anyone could comment on the quality. The San Francisco address listed in their literature is 490 Post Street, Suite 336.
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