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Ravvazollo (sp?) suits

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Does anyone have any experience with Ravvazollo suits? My local shop is going to carry this line and maintains that they are canvases with some hand work, but I am unfamiliar with this brand. Thanks.
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They make a private label line of tailored clothing for Maus & Hoffman in Florida. The stuff I've seen looks very nice; the lapels are sort of reminiscent of Brioni (which Maus also sells). The Ravazzolo garments seem to have quite a lot of handwork, at least as carried at Maus -- Ravazzolo may make different levels of garments, so your mileage may vary. Definitely worth a look.
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I don't have a lot of experience with Ravazzolo, but the suits I have seen have been very nice: canvassed front, nice fabrics, etc. They seem to offer pretty good value.
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In the "Member Pics" thread, there is a pic of a guy wearing a Rav. suit (but his description of the picture makes it hard to determine which one of the two guys he is).
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I've heard they are a tremendous value for the money- sort of like a Belvest or d'Avenza.
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Excellent suits, quality is comparable to Belvest. Canvased front, extensive handpicking, though the buttonholes are not handstitched. T4Phage is a fan, perhaps he can comment.
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My first "nice" suits were Ravazzolo. I agree with the comments above: fully canvassed front, extensive handwork (even the trousers have hand stitches), very nice fabrics... excellent value for the money if you like the fit. They tend to be a bit more structured than Neapolitan suits, very similar to Brioni's silhoutte.
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