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Looking for 'tweener overcoat

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I am looking for an overcoat to wear over a suit when there is a slight nip in the air but it isn't cold enough to wear a heavy wool topcoat.  Right now I use a black leather car coat, but would like something a little more elegant.  I am thinking of something along the lines of a covert coat (can you get those in the States?) but am open to suggestions.  Thanks in advance.
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I think a covert coat is the perfect choice for light, elegant coverage. Covert cloth is hard wearing and fairly weather resistent. Make sure it has a poacher's pocket in the front for your newspaper or a brace of migratory game birds. Fawn covert cloth with a brown velvet collar is the classic choice but I've seen quite a bit of variety of late. I saw one in the window of New & Lingwood made of corduroy. I think the Polo store in New York had a few nice ones the last time I was there.
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What size and what price are you looking to spend if I may inquire?
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You looking for RTW or custom? If the latter, you should be able to order a topcoat from any decent London tailor. A while ago I had one made at the old Dege (this was in their Clifford Street days, before John McCabe left) from navy blue cavalry twill. It's a little shiny after 15 years, but fills the gap between the Burberry and a woolen topcoat. Donegal tweed is also a nice option for this, although justifies a more rustic cut.
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Sir, you bring-out the poet in me. The topcoat is a fall/spring coat which is lightweight and is not intended for the very cold weather. It essentially follows the model of a classic overcoat except that its cloth is lighter. It comes in raglan sleeves and set-in sleeves. Unfortunately, it is becoming extinct. The all purpose, removable lining raincoat (mostly Burberry) has taken its place. It is not as elegant. I cannot recommend specific shops in your town. Hickey Freeman used to make a top coat called the "Flight Coat". I think that it still makes it. I have one. If Brooks Bros. and your local Oxxford outlets don't have one in stock they should be able to do MTM. I would think that the same applies to Hickey Freeman. The classic NYC shops have topcoats, such as J. Press, Paul Stuart, and Brooks. BTW, Press has a store in DC. Turnbull & Asser have a classic topcoat. Finally, there are bespoke tailors. I know that Beaman goes to DC. My tailor, Davies & Son, will return to NYC in January. Of course, there is George de Paris in your fair city. Good luck.
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I have two that fit into this category... One black custom one in Loro Piana "Storm System" cashmere. It is lightweight (I am in Dallas - winter here means running from the pool to the door if it is nippy) enough for 40's-50's and wonderful in that nasty misty weather that they call Spring in London and New Jersey. The other is a camel colored Oxxford - also Cashmere and lightweight. I may be a screwball (wow, there's a reveleation) but I wear either with anything from suit to jeans because they feel so darned wonderful. ...worth checking into.
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I realize this thread is somewhat dated, but what about this?  I am thinking of getting one for the spring.
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Dude Your link didn't work for me
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Try this
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scnupe, thanks...I'm in the market for something like that as well.
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Brioni makes a silk overcoat with silk lining that is light but warm. It's my experience that the Loro Piana Storm System cashmere overcoat is also light but warm even on cold windy days.
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scnupe, thanks...I'm in the market for something like that as well.
No problem. Let me know what else you come across.
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