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Sleeve garters

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In a lot of older movies (especially referring to the mob), You men wearing sleeve garters underneath their suits. I think that this originated because you couldn't buy your exact sleeve size, so you needed the garter to shorter the sleeve. If anyone has recently seen the Matrix, you can see Morpheus is wearing sleeve garters after he takes off his jacket to fight on top of the transport truck in the highway. In my opionon, I thought it actually looked pretty good and seemed to distinguish him as been well dressed / more attention to detail. But then of course, you're never really supposed to take off your suit jacket... Any opionons on sleeve garters?
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Morpheus is my hero. I guess I will have to re-watch my Matrix DVD. The only "sleeve garters" I've seen in real life are: Worn by riverboat gamblers in movies, or casino employees in Western themed casinos. Worn by people attending funerals (black only) Worn by UN peace keepers or Red Cross workers. Worn by 1980s metal rockers (bandanna tied around arm)
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Sleeve garters are little bands (elastic? perhaps metal sometimes) intended to keep one's sleeves out of their wet ink while they write. Needless to say they are useless today, unless you are working with some other grease or something. The items worn by funeral attendees, Red cross workers, and UN people are armbands. They serve as identification and are often used in the military. Royal Navy officers wear seamen's black silks (a sort of tie/ascot) around their arms during mourning. (Can't really see why, the uniforms are a midnight blue (i.e. real navy blue) anyway....)
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I've found two links which are what I'm referring to. So basically. No need / no purpose? Any ideas as to where you can still find some?
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The only sleeve garters I've ever seen look a bit different. It's basically a strip of elastic with clips on both ends - you clip one end on your sleeve, shove your shirt up your arm and bit and clip the other end. The only time I've ever seen them worn is by waiters in a French Brasserie, to keep their sleeves out of the food. I tend to judge things by whether I would deride someone if I saw them wearing them on the street. The answer here is a clear and simple yes.
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I tend to judge things by whether I would deride someone if I saw them wearing them on the street.  The answer here is a clear and simple yes.
Unless he was indeed a river boat gambler or an outlaw, in which case he'd probably draw down on you and make you wish you hadn't snickered at him on the streets of that there town.
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Though a number of my shirts are custom made, off the rack I wear 15-32. When shopping with my wife, every now and then I run into a nice shirt with a 33 or 34 sleeve length on sale. Having low resistence and not trusting my tailor for the alterations, out come my metal elastic sleeve garters. I have had them so long, I don't remember where I purchased them.
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I have a pair, purchased from Tie Rack for about $8. They're not quite tight enough, though. Also, they compel me to keep my jacket on, as I feel a bit foolish exposing them.
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