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Turnbull & asser tuxedo

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Hi, I have a T&A tuxedo (purchased from the London store) that I am putting up on sale on eBay. It is brand new.  My profession requires double vent and this is unvented, thus the sale.  How much do you think I should price it?
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Nice tuxedo, I saw that while browsing the other day. It's in my size too, but I already took care of my tuxedo needs a month or so ago (also via ebay). I didn't realize Turnbull & Asser made suits (I thought they just stuck to shirts and accessories, shows how much I know), but I'd be interested in knowing if that tuxedo had any interesting construction/stylistic features worth knowing about. I'd offer a pricing suggestion, but as you can see from the above paragraph I really have no clue what T&A suits would normally go for.
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Aybojs: How did that Cerutti work out for you? Did you like it? I saw a 3-button Cerutti black tux in my size at Bluefly and was thinking about picking it up. It is in Super 120s, which would be great for a Tux, as they are usually too stiff.
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I probably should have followed this up in the Cerutti thread, but I decided not to buy it at the last minute because my choices were between a charcoal peak lapel tuxedo and a black notched lapel tuxedo, and I was really keen on getting a black peak lapel number. I posted another, more detailed formalwear thread with some ebay pieces that interested me, and with the recommendation of several members here I picked up a black double breasted Dunhill tuxedo and a silk Baldessarini tuxedo with a white dinner jacket, both of which look and feel great, though I have not yet had the chance to wear them in public yet. Together they both cost half of the Cerutti on bluefly (and the Cerutti still looks to be a great buy). So I'm sorry I can't give you any first hand testimonial, but I remember the comments in the Cerutti thread were all pretty positive, so if you're really interested and money is not an urgent issue I'm sure you could order it and return it if things don't go as expected.
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That's a nice deal.. If it were mine I'd post it on ebay for $600-$750. (I'd probably start it at $750 and then drop the price $50 every 20 days or so until it sold.) But it takes longer to sell it at that price. If the only thing keeping it from working for you is the vents why not have them added? I'm pretty sure a good tailor could do it for you. Also I've got a favor to ask. Could you post a picture of the size/content label inside the pocket? I've heard from a few sources that Saint Andrews used to tailor the T&A suits. And judging from the lapel buttonhole and the pants, your tux definitely seems to have been made by Saint Andrews. If I could see a picture of the size/content label I could tell you for sure. Saint Andrews makes a good suit - they are currently producing the Purple Label line. A bit of trivia - the current line of T&A suits are tailord by Cheshire Clothing. Cheshire is a tailoring firm formed by the old Chester Barrie management team after Chester Barrie closed last year. They operate out of the old Chester Barrie factory in Crewe. Cheshire just bought the US and UK rights to the Chester Barrie name. So before long we'll be seeing Chester Barrie suits again. As it stands Saks Fifth Ave and Carrol & Co. will be carrying them.
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ohh man---and it's my size--- $360's a deal for the Turnbull tux. I wish I needed it at all, because thatt's one beautiful tux. Pete
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If the only thing keeping it from working for you is the vents why not have them added? I'm pretty sure a good tailor could do it for you.
Unfortunately that's not possible. The vent in a men's jacket is not like the slit in a Nancy Wong skirt, just a slit. A vent needs an underlay to prevent the vent from opening too much and revealing your bum. This underlay is an extension of the front part. You have to decide whether or not you want a vent before cutting the fabric. You can cut this extension off if you want to close a vent, but you can't add it later. I don't quite understand the vent business anyhow, maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I believe a tuxedo ought to be without a vent (either single or double). Otherwise it looks too much like a lounge suit. Equally, I also believe a tuxedo should sport a jigger button (two buttons on a thread link as to button the jacket edge on edge, not overlapping). The only problem I have with the suit is the cut of the trousers. They are as so unbelievably un-English. Pleats are not very common in English designs, but if there are pleats it will always be single pleat and always folded toward the centre, never, ever will it be double reversed pleats. Long live national characteristics.
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Good point Bengal Stripe. I looked at a couple of my jackets and you are quite right. So vents can be taken out but not added.
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Just a few words (just came back from dinner): I know Saint Andrews made T&A suitings some time ago, but for the past 2 (?) years Chester Barrie has taken over --- the same Chester Barrie on Savile Row now. However, the ready-made factory is in Italy, thus in actuality the suits are contracted to the Italian factory of Chester Barrie. The pleats are not English, but Italian, as they are pleated outwards. Why T&A chose to have Italian made suitings is beyond me. My tuxedos are used more than just a suit for the evening, as it must also serve a technical purpose --- thus the needs for double vents. Coincidentally, another member of this forum (who brought me here today, also a very good personal friend), Thracozaag, has the same need, so he will know what I am talking about. Try to guess our profession. I don't know if anyone is willing to pay $700 for this on eBay --- should I really list it that high? On the other hand, I am not in a hurry to sell, just want to free up some closet space. I thank A. Harris for your suggestions. This is my first day in this forum, and thanks so much for all your responses. Other than suitings, I also have an addiction in shirts (used to be Italian, now siding the English) and shoes (definitely the English for craftsmanship, Italian for style), and an equal love in collecting (antique bibles in particular, also music scores), so feel free to post your thoughts here. There is much to be learnt from each other. Naturlaut *A quick word on shoes, Thracozaag and I recently stopped by the Borrelli store in New York and found that they now carry shoes under the Borrelli label. Thracozaag told me later that they are made by Mantellassi. Has any one here tried shoes from Borrelli? I love Mantellassi as their leather is soft and doesn't require much time to mold to your feet (try a Lobb. --- maybe because mine was a ready-made model, I almost couldn't walk during the first few wear).*
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OK - Here's my guess at your profession. If you need a tuxedo with double vents and you collect antique music scores, I am guessing that you are a classical musician who has to sit in a chair on stage while playing in an orchestra or some other group. Do I win the prize.. My other thought was that you may be a magician and the vents are somehow used to disquise the rabbit that pops out of the hat after you show us there is nothing up your sleeve. But that would just be silly. Bradford
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