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You must share pics. It's the SF way!
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In Japan, Valentine's day kicks ass - women give male aquaintances chocolate, and men don't have to do shit. So now I've got a diabeetus-inducingly large pile of candy in my apartment....
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From Cracked

If V.D. cards were honest...

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I walked around tonight and most the restaurants were pretty empty, which I was surprised.
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Originally Posted by TheWorldsFinest View Post

Top: Brown Suede Jacket by Saefra, Shirt by Finamore Napoli, Jeans by Barba Napoli, and Shoes by Sutor Mantellassi.
Bottom: Gray Suit by Cesare Attolini, Shirt by Barba Napoli, Silk Tie by Finamore Napoli, and Shoes by Santoni.
What To Wear: Casual or Formal Valentines

Casual Valentine:
Take your date out for the night in town, going to dinner and a romantic movie. Even though you’re keeping it casual, toss your favorite t-shirt to the side and pair a nice button up shirt with jeans. Add a leather jacket to give you the option of keeping her warm with it or covertly bringing a box of chocolates into the theater.
Formal Valentine: Dinner should be an intimate experience, low lighting, quiet enough for you to speak. Afterwards, catch a concert or play for entertainment. Keep your attire simple with a little touch of color. An evening to never forget, and of course greatly appreciated by her!
All items are available at ShopTheFinest.com.
Please Contact Us for further inquiries.
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