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Cole Haan Collection shoes

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Anybody have a chance to examine these? What do you think, and any idea who is making them for Cole Haan?
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As everyone should know, Nike owns the Cole Haan label. As I've been told my many of the sales reps that call on me, the shoes under $150 are made in Mexico and the ones over $155 are made in Italy. Not sure what factory.
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I own two pair of Cole-Haans that I bought at Nordstrom Rack. A pair of sleek black loafers that retailed for $200-something that I picked up for $60 and white bucks that retailed for $160 for $80. I love Cole-Haans and have had nothing but the best luck with this brand.
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I like the expensive Cole Haans and absolutely hate the stiff, cheap Cole Haans. My first pair of Cole Haans were the most expensive shoes I had ever bought - I got brown suade with vibraum rubber soles and I paid the full $300 about 10 years ago.
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I believe Cole Haan's low to med end products are made in India and other 3rd world country. High end stuffs are made in Italy. I own one loafer from this season. Real sleek looking shoes made in India. I wore it pretty rough (wore it to clubbing etc..). The shoes are cemented but still going strong. Still love the look.
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