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Wearing what you like

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I am pretty new to this site and have only made a few posts. I have learned a lot and would like to thank everyone for the great tips and comments. I have been thinking that it is best to wear what you like and not what is in style. The other night I went to a new bar and wore a brown pair of Cole Haan casual shoes, a well worn and very comfy pair of gap jeans, a white Polo dress shirt with light vertical purple stripes, a diagonal striped Tommy tie that had dark blue and purple stripes, and threw a greay sportcoat over it to top it off. I felt comfortable and thought I looked good. I got many comments that night ranging from "you look good" to "way overdressed" and plain old "that style should never be done". I wasn't overdressed by any means I say. Most of the guys there had on jeans and button downs and girls had to go with the tight black pants and revealing top which I feel has taken over the little balck dress. I was just curious to know what other members feek about this. Don't you think its best to just what what you like and what is comfortable. Is their anything wrong with that? I am new to fashion and am finally begining to see what is out there. Thanks for all the help once again members..
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If you like the way you look, then f*ck everyone else. If they're calling you overdressed, then they might just feel threatened.
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There are few reasons to be concerned about the opinions of others with regard to your clothing.  But one is if you are working with an employer or client whose poor opinion of your attire will directly impact whether or not they feel 'comfortable' doing business with you. Generally, I think the trick is to be aware of the signals your clothing and overall presentation may send to others.  Which is not at all to say that the opinions of others should necessarily influence your choices, but awareness can help you avoid unwittingly leaving a negative impression.
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Going to a bar: wear what you want. Going to work: wear what you must, taking care to adopt whatever stylish touches that you can get away with.
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