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BR coats. I own three myself.  Two were purchased in college and the third was bought at the end-of-season 01-02 winter sale.  I haven't paid more than 50% of retail for anything from BR.  All three coats have worn well; much better than a similar navy peacot that I bought at J.Crew during my senior year in highschool. I don't invest a ton of money into outerwear since it tends to endure the brunt of the NE winters.  I'd rather rotate a new jacket into the collection every year or two rather than drop $500 on an investment piece that could get ruined with dirty slush, subway muck, etc.
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Hi: I tried the coat on a few months ago, and as other posters have noted, the medium is actually much snugger in the armholes and around the waist mediums usually are, so it's cut pretty slim. You *could* wear a jacket underneath it if your jacket is also cut very slim (as mine are) but it's more for sweaters. As a fellow new-englander, I warn you that this coat is *not* particularly warm. The wool shell is pretty thin, and I can't remember if the lining is quilted or not, it might not be, so if you are planning to go through a Boston winter you'll need lots of layering underneath. It's also not windproof, and you can't button up the throat. I don't understand why they don't make wool coats with windstopper-fleece linings. -boston
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C'mon guys, Boston is not *that* cold. I usually wear a cotton moleskin jacket or a heavy twill (unlined) jacket to break the wind, and a boiled wool zip cardigan for warmth. On a really cold day, I'll wear my Alpaca/wool Cloak hoodie (really quite warn) in lieu of the zip cardigan. And if i don't want to layer, my Gloveral duffel has always done the job. Seriously now. Some of my compatriots up in Montreal or Edmonton, tell these guys what *really cold* really means.
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It was -40 (both centrigrade and fahrenheit.) in Ottawa today. Brrrrrr.
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There were snow drifts about mid-thigh on my campus today. It took me almost ten minutes to walk from my residence to the gym (normally a 5 minute walk). I think it was in the -20 to 30 range with wind chill. Aaron
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For the money I prefer J. Crew coats such as my "campus coat" from there. It has Thinsulate, so it's warmer than most wool coats. I just wish that I had gone to the trouble of ordering it in large-tall instead of just buying a large in the store. I did get it for about $44 after a price adjustment though.
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