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I always have difficulty finding shoes due to a large shoe size. I wear an athletic sneaker size 15 and usually a 13 or 14 size dress shoe. What brands could anyone recommend that are known to make shoes in large sizes that are both stylish and comfortable. On another note, I am willing to get custom shoes made, but what brand makes shoes that have a good reputation for for custom fitting? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Unless you are a really offbeat width (like AAA), sizes 13 and 14 should be no great problem. I note the Allen-Edmonds makes the vast majority of their styles and widths through size 14 and some few in 15 and 16. A-E may be a little stodgy and "old-mannish" for some younger fellows, but through 14 should be no problem these days. When I was a young sprout, size 13 (my size) could be a problem to find, but not nowadays.
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call me, i carry loads of big sizes.
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I feel your pain, I too am a size 14. Contact Ron Rider from He can special order Marteganis in large sizes. Alden will also take special orders however I warn you they are very slow (at least 16 weeks for size 14). You can try your luck with U.K size 13 off some of the British websites, C&J, AS and Loake sometimes have models that run full. Nordstroms always have size 14 if you are willing to pay their prices, usually Ferragamos and AE. I usually wait for their sales.
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once again, i will say, call me and i am sure we can find something in a style you like, we specialize in big sizes
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